What a ride.

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Saturday Ride – Counter-clockwise around Lake Washington.

Bike – Cannondale R2000 50-34 X 11-23 w/ Ksyrium SL wheels

Cold but the sun was out, good company with Greg, Dustin, Jeff, Kurt and Suzie. I didn’t bonk like last weekend, the pace was WAY more relaxed and we even took a mid ride break in Kirkland for a cup of coffee. As Greg, Dustin and I rolled into Leschi at the end of the ride the snow started falling… Perfect timing for us!!! Threw the bike on the roof and headed home through the snow.

When I got home I cleaned up and let the dogs out back. Maggie was completely in shock with the snow because she had never seen it before! She was hopping around the deck and the patio chasing flakes, and slipped all the way down the steps to the grass. She looked pretty funny. Made a mental note to myself to get her a neon orange collar as it seems white dogs blend in really well with the snow.

In the evening Ro and I pulled out what seemed like 15 boxes of Christmas “stuff” out of the attic and put up the tree. Ro did another outstanding job decorating the tree this year and it made me realize that this is actually our first Christmas in a “real” house together. No Apartment, no Condo, no “temporary housing unit”, just our house. I’m so happy about that :-)

No ride today, as I woke up to snow (and a bit of a hangover). I plan on getting on to the rollers leter tonight before dinner.

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  • My favorite Brian Christmas ornament is the laminated photo of you and Santa, cut into the shape of a bulb ornament. Next, I love the Superman ornament you got for me – he looks like he’s flying away because I put him at the top of the tree. :) By the way, I think we’re up to 16 boxes now. haha

    Rosanna — December 2, 2007 at 4:38 pm
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