Indoor TT 12-5-2007

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Indoor TT – 10k rolling hill standard course at CycleU

Bike – BMC SLO1 51-35 (q-rings) x 11-23

I got to CycleU earlier to toss a bike on a trainer and warm up a little more than last week, as I thought that was the reason for my poor performance. I spun through the 5pm groups entire TT and watched Ian break another record and nail a 13:42. Jesus man, slow down! At this rate he’ll break 13:30 in 3 more weeks!

My 6 pm session started out very well. I felt very strong the first 2 miles pouring out an EASY 360 watts. It felt VERY odd to be pulling that number and not feel spent so I jacked up the power on the first hill pushing 370-380 and I think that might have pushed me over the edge. As I crested the hillI knew I needed a little recovery time and I let it slack down to 230 and I really suffered for the next 2 miles I dropped from 2nd, to 3rd quickly and had to fight for 4th place the remaining 2 when my power started to come back. At the end of it all I averaged 266 watts and laid down a 16:40 TT which at this point of the season is pretty good and only puts me a full minute off my best time from last year.

I was a little hesitant to do the 7pm session but Greg kind of talked me into it and I Knew I needed to do a back to back for build. I really had to spin out my legs in between as I was wiped from the 6pm and by the start I again was feeling really good but that lasted only about 1 mile and I was dumped into a hell of lactic acid. I struggled to keep my average watts over 255 for the last few miles and by the time I got to mile 5 I was feeling a little better and pushed the final hill. With 400 yards to go the system shut down so my final results are a bit off but here is they were when it cut out. Average watts 257 and 16:32 for my time.

I was miffed about paying another $12 for the second session to have it cut out at the end but Lang said he would comp us our next race. I was pretty amped when I got home, my heart rate was through the roof and I was absolutely starving so I had a beer (the great heart rate neutralizer!) and made some grilled chicken with spinich leaves, peppers and some cottage cheese. I hit the bed at 10 but tossed and turned until about 1… I just could not get my HR down, I was completely jacked up! I’m still a little shakey this morning but I think a nice spin after work before Dustins party will make me feel a bit better.

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