You are not your job.

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I love my job. I see others though constantly putting their lives on hold just to “make that extra buck”

You people are killing yourselves.

Note to Myself:

You are not your job.

You have hobbies, and interests and family and friends who exists outside of this place.

You are not your job.

If at any point you begin to neglect those things for work, if at any point you find that you are lacking in those relationships, you must take a step back and think about the things you dreamt of doing when you were a kid.

You must call out sick to work and visit someone. You must reevaluate your life.

You are not your job.

Now breathe.

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  • Then again (she says, commenting on a cycling blog from work), it’s not really a good thing to neglect your job to relentlessly pursue your hobbies….

    STOKED I AM — December 6, 2007 at 3:00 pm
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