Saturday Ride 12/15/2007

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Bike – Klein Fixed Gear 42 x 16 Mavic Open Pros


PB&J sandwich

Ride food,

Organic Honey Bar (I’m in love with these now!)
Gu Shot
1 large botle of HEED

Drizzly, 42 degrees and WINDY

65 miles out to Snohomish and back, this is the longest Fixie ride so far of the year for me and I felt GREAT! We started off a little faster than normal for our Saturday ride but thats the way its going to be from now on I guess. There are a few of us trying to peak for TST (like me, Rosanna won’t let me race 1 month before our wedding so I have a split season!) it’s time to start gearing up for the long hard rides. A little more than half our group turned around before we took the hill down to Snohomish leaving myself, Greg, Tony, Brad and Lane. At the bottom of the hill we took a left to wrap around the valley and take River Road into town. I was the lame duck in the wind, it was pretty much blowing us backwards! I got dropped on a REALLY windy section and my RPM’s went down to about 25… I couldn’t move! The guys waited up for me at a stop sign and we had a tailwind to River Road, rolling at a comfortable clip and checking out the damage caused by last weeks storm… Just amazingly devestating.

Mother nature’s a bitch, eh? It was crazy down there, I wish I had brought my camera.

River Road was brutal. We dropped into a rolling paceline into the wind moving at about 10mph and halfway down the road I noticed my rear tire was getting low, pretty slow leak. I backed off a bit and rode it slowly into town and was ALMOST on the rim when we got to the public bathrooms. A quick change (it was glass) and we were on our way back. Hills hills hills!!! I held it great, even pulling the guys up a bit. I had to return the favor for their help in the wind.

All in all it was a good ride. My tongue was dragging on the front tire when I was done but that’s what I needed. I really wanted to push myself today and I did just that. Coming home to a finely cooked breakfast really topped it off. :-) Rosanna is so good to me!

So now it’s off to brave the crowds for some holiday shopping.

Tomorrows the team ride, I want to put about 3 hours in. No fixie, maybe the Cannondale.

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