Sunday Team Ride – 12-16-2007

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Bike – Cannondale 50/34 x 11/21 Ksyrium wheels


peanut butter toast

Ride food

Gu Shot
bottle of HEED

30 miles 1hr 35 minutes 42 degrees bit of wind

I had an absolutely beautiful ride today. I thought that after yesterdays ride my legs would be mush (my hips and quads were pretty sore) but after the first 5 miles I loosened up and felt REALLY good. We were moving at a pretty good clip on Rainier Ave even into the wind, big thanks to Martin for the monster pull, and I timed my jump PERFECT. I blew off the front at 30 mph and pegged my HR at 198. I looked behind me to check the gap and only had one Dewar’s guy coming up on me fast but I had a good chunk of pavement and slipped to the light untouched. I hung back on the back of the pack recovering and chatted with Jeff W( he rode is fixed gear.. good on ya!) Jeff’s one of the nicest people I have ever met and am SO glad to be able to ride with him and now that I’ve gone up to cat 3 it will be awesome to race WITH him again. Dustin finally joined us at the park, he just missed us at the start and he TT’d the whole way trying to catch us. He was toast coming in. So much for no intensity :-) On the way up to Bellevue I chatted with Dustin until the first hill after the trail and sprinted it pushing as HARD as I could and beat Woody C to the top. It was so nice to be able to stop and COAST down the other side of the hill :-) normally I’ll sprint the hill and have to keep on going because of the fixed gear and I just can’t recover for the next hill. This time I recovered a bit and Dustin and I laid it DOWN. We spun to Mercer Island and I knew I was running a bit late so I gave up on MI and just headed across to Leschi. Woody C, Tony Cory and I flew to the bridge and Woody peeled off and Tony pulled us the rest of the way.

I feel 10 times better than I did on Wednesdays TT. Mick was spot on. There is just something about the TT series that completely levels me. I need the midweek intensity though so I’ll keep on going and I know the back to back TT’s are good for me but maybe I shouldn’t be doing EVERY week. I don’t know, I’ll chat with Lang and see what he thinks.

It was a Chicken Bacon Ranch footlong sub when I got home. a glass of water and a beer later and I think I’ll take a nap. Rosanna Ran the 12k’s of Kirkland this morning… I can’t wait to hear how she did.

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