Friday Musical Interlude

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6 years ago I was introduced to a Singer-Songwriter who after my VERY first listen captured me. His songs were heart wrenching, his emotion on stage was unmatched. He attaches himself to those he’s playing for and invites them into his head. His shows are not just a bunch of people listening to a guy play the guitar and sing some words but it’s a connection.

and it’s so freaking hard to explain unless you have been to one of his shows.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Matt Nathanson.

Falling Apart from “Some Mad Hope”

The same song with full band at the Crocodile Cafe full band (hilarious intro) Ro and I were at this show.

Bent (with Such Great Heights) from Beneath These Fireworks

And this is how he connects with the crowd… Suspended from “Beneath These Fireworks” at the Croc again-

and finally-

Answering Maching from Still Waiting for Spring

Really, if you get a chance, check him out. (Okay Matt, you owe me money for plugging you now!)

Have a great Friday… Ro and I are at the Seahawks/Redskins Playoff game tomorrow, front row!

Rosanna says “Go Seahawks!”

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