Indoor TT 01-09-2008 and the passing of a friend.

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Bike – Cannondale R2000 50-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium Wheels

Route standard rolling hill TT course 10k

Lunch- Chicken and egg noodle soup, PB&J sandwich, 10-12 saltine crackers and a couple of handfuls of goldfish crackers

Snack- Snickers bar

Ride Food – Water

I was signed up for two sessions tonight and was VERY reluctant to push hard since yesterday was the first effort on the bike for quite sometime but as I warmed up for the first session my mind quickly changed. Tony B was next to me and he wanted to break 16 minutes tonight and my legs felt fairly decent so I said what the hell, why not try?

What the hell indeed!

We started and I immediatly shot off. I started the 1st mile at about 400 watts and then dropped down to 350 for the next 2 miles. I couldn’t believe it I felt AMAZING. I was flying up the first few rollers and no one was even close to me.

Until mile 4.

I imploded. I snapped. I hit the wall. (insert your choice of phrase here) Holy crap. I suddenly realized what so long of the bike and ZERO intensity for weeks will do to you. Sure all that rest probably did me well but I found myself on the lower end of the 200 watt range for the remainder of the TT. I was able to still pull out a 16:19 at 275 watts averaged. 19 seconds off the goal time.


The second one went OK as well. I was spent, done, toast, (again enter your choice here) and didn’t really know if I should do the second but Tony convinced me to keep on going. Stoked and OAD showed up too, OAD brought his spiffy new Kuota TT bike and we were pretty much ready for him to lay down the hammer. The first mile was interesting. Stoked decided she wanted to ramp it up to 500 watts and make everyone scared. I was quite impressed as my legs could BARELY hold 250 :-). As we rode up the first roller I felt a bit better and was able to drop into some type of groove and brought my watts up to an average of 271 by the end with a time of 16:24. I was pleased.

Reality is I am still a minute off where I need to be.

good times tonight though.

Unfortunatly today was marred with the news of a high school friend of mine passing from breast cancer. Rose was first diagnosed at 21 and battled ever since but she lost last night at 9:45. It still hasn’t really hit me yet and I don’t know how I’ll take it when I do. I’m sure I’ll follow up with something more when I am not so stunned.

Rose and I were with an Acting Ensemble that toured Germany and Switzerland in 1993. She was amazing, always light hearted and the type of person that ALWAYS made you feel welcome. We lost touch a little out of high school until one of our other ensemble members, Rashed, passed away in a car accident in Italy. After an 8 year gap I was at a Mason Lake race helping Rosanna and her Starbucks team get the bikes ready and I noticed this girl looking at me. She looked SO familiar. “Brian?” she says, “Rose?” I follow with… Turns out her partner was racing for Starbucks, Rose had relapsed and was fighting again. It was so nice to get back in touch with her. When Rosanna left Starbucks last year I wasn’t around Rose as much anymore but I new she wasn’t getting any better and last night she just couldn’t fight any more.

Rose Lived life. Really lived it.

I am so happy we were able to connect again. We’ll all miss you, Rose.

have a good night everyone.

4 Responses to “Indoor TT 01-09-2008 and the passing of a friend.”

  • My blazing start was really only 443 watts, not 500. Still, highest max ever there on my single bike. Maybe I’ll be a sprinter in my dotage.

    STOKED I AM — January 10, 2008 at 9:43 pm
  • Hey Brian,

    You ever watch Ian M ride one of these events? He starts out slow (even for us) and then ramps it up starting at the first long hill.

    Not that you or I are anywhere close to Ian but it’s a good lesson in pacing oneself. I usually start out too fast as well – not a good thing.

    I remember the last time I did this with you, it was the same deal. You blasted out of the gates and then faded a bit. I don’t think I caught you until mile 2 or 4 or something… :)

    Martin — January 12, 2008 at 7:38 am
  • I actually did that on the second one. I didn’t start passing people until about mile 2 but ended 3rd out of 8 just a few seconds off my first and I felt SO much better. I think I actually could have gone harder the last half mile.

    Yup… I should really work on that more!

    Brian — January 12, 2008 at 7:54 am
  • She was a beautiful person. One of the most unselfish, caring and accepting people I ever had the pleasure of knowing. The world is already different without her.


    Blassina — January 14, 2008 at 3:07 pm
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