Friday Musical Interlude

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The Counting Crows have been an absolute favorite of mine since my senior year in High School (which is pretty much forever ago). No one knows me like Adam Duritz, the man is an absolute poet and an amazing singer song writer. The band itself is no slouch either with Dan Vickrey (a favorite guitarist of mine) usually sending you on a high on each song.

The Counting Crows… Energetic, Passionate and Raw.

~Anna Begins (BEAUTIFUL version!)

~A Murder of One

~Mrs Potters Lullaby

And Finally, one of my favorite songs. “Some one stole my shoes but there’s a couple of bananas and a bottle of booze…”

~Holiday in Spain

1993: August and Everything After
1996: Recovering The Satellites
1999: This Desert Life
2002: Hard Candy
2008: Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings

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