Saturday Team ride… Hills! 1/12/2007

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Bike – Cannondale R2000 50-34 x 11-21 (ouch!) Ksyrium SL Wheels

Breakfast – PB&J sandwich, Ensure, Granola, Coffee

Ride Food – 3 scoops of HEED, Water, 2 GU shots, 1/2 PB&J

Route- Leschi, Mercer, Newport, Cougar, Newcastle, Coal Creek, Southend Lake Wa and back to Leschi 58 miles

Group started out a good size with Martin, Greg, RC, Tony, Jeff and myself and then shrank right after Mercer Island. Greg, Martin and I wanted to get some hills in so we headed to Newport.

Everyone is in pain. Greg has some arm thing going on and I think Martin hurt his neck (they both did a heavy stair workout 2 days earlier so I am sure they were a bit sore too) and me, well, I wasn’t really in pain but my mangina was hurting. I wanted to do hills but didn’t at the same time.

When we turned off Newport, Greg announced he was going to take it slow and we could pick him up on the way down so Martin and I pushed on. He set a great tempo, it was perfect! there was ONE point where I tried to come around him but he turned it up just a bit so I just sat on his wheel. Martin said a few things for casual conversation, I don’t think he realized that I was having a hard time breathing let alone up to a talk :-) Sorry bud, I wasn’t trying to be rude! When we took the left up Cougar I took the lead and tried to match the same pace and that turned out to be a mistake. Martin quickly passed me as it kicks up for the first time and I couldn’t match him. He gapped me about 30 yards when I finally recovered and I tried to keep the distance from growing but just couldn’t do it. We got to the top and Martin turned around but I pointed up… Oh yeah, I’m a glutton for punishment, eh? We’re going all the way to the top! Again Martin passed me on our way up (21% I think?) and my 11×21 casette finally got the best of me. I did make it to the top but barely. Then we turned around and went straight back down. Newcastle was new to me, I have never had the pleasure of having my ass handed to me on this hill as I did today.Martin and Greg were gone and I just chugged on up and only realized at the top that I was really starting to get hungry. Gu time! Coal Creek was better, I started feeling normal again and I’m glad Greg said to do the South end because I really needed a longer ride

All in all it was good, especially going over to Greg’s house with Jeff and eating Ezell’s chicken and putting everyone in the hurtlocker playing Halo.

4 Responses to “Saturday Team ride… Hills! 1/12/2007”

  • I never understood why people are going up the Cougar in 11×21. A week ago on our cycle-u team ride, Jim was going up Somerset, Cougar and New Castle in 11×21. Suffice to say he was suffering.

    Dessa — January 15, 2008 at 12:13 am
  • Normally not my choice of cassette for Cougar Squak or Tiger but I forgot to swap out to my training wheels after the last indoor TT. For this ride I would have been riding a 12-25. Atleast an 11-23!

    Brian — January 15, 2008 at 7:50 am
  • Don’t you have a compact? 34×21 is smaller than a 39×23 most folks ride.

    Anonymous — January 15, 2008 at 9:39 am
  • 44.52 GI vs 46.63 GI

    Let me “splain” something. Break it down “easy like”


    -First semi-intense hill ride of the year

    -I like my knees and plan on keeping them for a long period of time.


    Brian — January 15, 2008 at 10:22 am
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