Friday Musical Interlude

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You know, every now and then my brother comes up with some good #%&^#.

We have almost the same taste in music and it’s fun to toss artists back and forth to each other and todays artist was one of those.

About 2 years ago Evan told me I needed to check this one guy out so he tossed me his iPod and I sat and listened to the first song. It wasn’t complex, nothing too fancy but he had a way of laying down lyrics and melding them with his guitar that really reminded me of James Taylor. Teitur has been a back shelf artist for his record label for years, they didn’t promote him heavily on his first release for them and was starting to fade out until John Mayer stood up and announced his genious.

And I agree with Mayer. (write that down)

Danish Singer-Songwriter, Teitur.

“I Was Just Thinking”

“You’re the Ocean”

“Louis, Louis”

Have a wonderful weekend. Go outside and play.


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