Sunday Ride 1-20-2008

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Bike – Klein Performance 42×16 fixed gear

Route Leschi- around Mercer and back 20 miles (easy recovery ride)

Breakfast – bagel / Ride food – water

John N. and I planned on riding easy this morning just around Mercer as I needed a recovery ride and he’s just starting his training. I was pleased to see that he showed up on his fixie as well. Riding with other fixed with the same gearing is super cool and John and I haven’t ridden together for a while so it gave us a chance to catch up.

The weather was a monsoon in West Seattle when I woke up and was worried about ANOTHER cold and wet ride. Well, as we crossed the bridge the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful ride (except for the wind but hey, it’s January) We just cruised around the Island yapping away, probably saw 4 or 5 cars the entire time.

Today was almost perfect. :-)

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