Saturday team ride – 1/27/08

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U village-Renton-Tiger Mountain and back – 70 miles

Bike – Cannondale R2000 50-34 x 11-23 Swiss Threat wheels

Breakfast – Ensure, Bagel w/ cream cheese

Ride food – 1 bottle of HEED, 1 bottle of Gleukos (which was DISGUSTING) 1 bag of shot blocks and a Lara bar

Two words for todays ride-

Cold and fantastic!

The original idea was to head north to Snohomish and Monroe but with the temps under freezing (25 degrees when I left the house!) that got shot down. So where else can we go?

Tiger Mountain? Sure why not. Let’s choose one cold ride over another. (remind me that I said that, it’ll come back to me later)

So the ride started down towards Leschi pretty even, we all needed to warm up a bit (I couldn’t feel my face) We had to pick up Martin, who unfortunatly was having brake problems. We strolled down Rainier and headed down to Renton and hit some bike path that I have NEVER been on before but was pretty cool. I got a lot of guff from Martin last week for not pacing myself so I took a little advice and hung back for the first 20 miles and when we came to Cedar grove I just spun to the top in not much of a hurry. I did however want to keep a decent tempo up Tiger so when we turned I made sure I kept an eye on Greg and Martin. Paul was right behind them and I latched onto him andas the road kicks up to the left Greg pushed a bit and Paul popped so it was Martin Greg and me. Martin pushed a bit on the last rise and I couldn’t match it but Greg stayed with him. The best thing about being on Tiger is it was WARM! the descent was balmy until the last turn and it froze up quickly.

The ride back on May Valley was a cluster !@#$. First I had a fender malfunction (I ALWAYS ride with a fender in the winter) right before the ride so I had to ditch it hoping it wouldn’t rain. Well, it started raining so I hung towards the back to keep my spray from hitting my riding mates, so I got crap for that. then one of our newer guys bonked pretty hard, he was WAY tired so we had to slow a bit again and then we tried a rolling paceline that just turned to crap, some folks felt good still and others felt like crap so the pace was mismatched and one of the new folk hadn’t ever done it before so he was a bit squirly so backed off his wheel… and I got yelled at again. Grrrr. So from the end of May Valley to Coulon I was a bit pissy but after Greg giving me a little ribbing I lost the ‘tude and enjoyed the rest of the ride.

All in all it was a great ride. Martin (I hate to say this) was right… pace yourself and you will do better. I’m feeling stronger but I need to work on quick recovery. It’s almost interval time :-)

I spent the afternoon digesting a Turkey & Bacon sandwich and a Bud light and fell asleep on the couch. Later we hit a Puerto Rican restaurant in Ballard for Rachel’s birthday and then rolled over to Ozzies to for a couple drinks and make fun of the Karaoke singers (blech!)

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  • You were destroyed when I found you on the couch, sleeping with two dogs lying on top.

    Blassina — January 27, 2008 at 11:24 pm
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