Indoor TT 1/30/08 and the Pukefest follow up-

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Indoor TT, Standard rolling 10k course.

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 (Q-Rings) x 11-21 Ksyrium SL Wheels

Lunch – Turkey Sub sandwich, 2 large bottles of Endurox and a Powerbar

Ride food – water

Well kiss my grits. Not only did I feel super good on the first TT, I also nailed a PR for this year :-)

Results can be seen here

16:00 at an average of 293 watts. AAAH just 6 tenths of a second from breaking 16!

Don’t ask me, after last night, I have absolutely NO idea how I pulled that off. Maybe it’s the 2 pounds I lost in one day. Maybe it’s the fact I was finally riding my BMC again (with those fancy dancy Rotor Rongs). Maybe I’m just getting faster… who knows?

The second TT was a little bit more dramatic because the first mile I couldn’t even get over 250 watts and I almost got off the bike. Then Greg yelled at me so I tried to focus on power and my breathing. By the end I passed him and put down a 16:15 at 283 watts average and that REALLY surprised me because of how bad my start was. It was a good night and I really needed it after last night.

Speaking of last night, I got a call from Anthony’s and they were really nice to me. I wanted them to know that I didn’t contact them to yell or scream but to see if anyone else had gotten sick because if they had I would have gone into the doctor. Turns out I was the only one, the manager was going to send me a little something in the mail for my trouble (which I told him not to but he’s going to anyway) and Ro and I will be back. I LOVE Anthony’s food and I am sure that I just over did it (who me?)

My stomach is feeling much better, just sore muscles front and back. I was pretty thirsty all day, my eyes were pretty dry but a couple bottles of Endurox and a bunch of cups of water made me feel right as rain.

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  • Good work! I’m sure all you need was only faster pedal stroke to gain 0.6 seconds.

    I’ve tried to book at least one TT this Saturday, but all slots were full!

    From the results it seems that 5PM was empty. Must be problem at or 7 people have skipped :-)

    Dessa — January 31, 2008 at 1:00 am
  • Nice ride Brian! Way to go. Maybe we can all hire Greg to yell at us next time? :)

    Martin — February 1, 2008 at 5:04 pm
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