Friday Musical Interlude – Leap Year Edition!

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Real quick… What do you get when you cross 2 guitars with 2 great singers?

Your answer- 2 great songs (duh)

George Harrison and Paul Simon with Here Comes the Sun & Homeward Bound


Build a Bike… The Specialized Saga. Episode Two

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After work I ran home to yank the Ritchey Bar/Stem combo off of my Cannondale and high tailed it over to Dustin’s to finish our little project. Obviously we are on a deadline because Mason Lake 1 road race is, gulp, tomorrow and I wanted to give Spanky Van Wyck a day to kick around on it before rolling to the start line.

Hey guess what? Yup, brothers and Sisters, I present to you, D-man’s S-works…

There are still some tweaks to wrench on but we will get to those when his bars and stem come in from Mr. Bicycle Mail Order.

So yeah, there you have it. It’s a pretty sweet bike. We half assed measured the weight on a bathroom scale at it’s a hefty 15.4 pounds WITH the heavy wheels on it and stiff as, well… use your imagination.

OH, Mason Lake Road Race? Just to get the juices flowing, here’s a picture from last years ML #2. That’s Dustins leg to the right. Damn that was a wet race!!!

Thanks to Amara at for the picture!

Build a Bike… the Specialized Saga. Episode One

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Last night, Rosanna and I went over to Dustin’s for bicycle mechanics, food and drink. Not exactly in that order though. We were planning on doing some modifications to his Flyte for Saturdays race but about 15 minutes into it he brought out his new Specialized S-Works SL frame and fork and I started getting a chubby (duck!).

I looked at the Flyte, then I looked at the Specialized, looked at the Flyte again and slowly turned to Dustin.

“You want to just build the new bike?”

Dustin grinned from ear to ear…

“Hell yeah bro lets do it!”

So he and I spent a few minutes doing one of the only things that’s as fun as building a new bike… tearing an old one down.

I don’t know if any of you have been following Dustin’s progress as a racer but he puts out wattage like my two boxers put out natural gas. The guy has got skills and after pulling his almost frozen bottom bracket from his old bike I can’t imagine who is going to be able to stay on his wheel with a new one that actually moves.

No joke, that thing was SHOT.

We had a small headset issue but we worked through that and before we knew it dinner was ready so we washed off the grease and headed up stairs.

The food and company were outstanding. A few weeks back I wrote about how awesome it is to surround myself with good people… Dustin is one of those as well as his girlfriend.

Even with the pictures of dead deer in the hallway :-)

So tonight it will be finished… the tool of the field destruction known as Dustin’s new bike. I’ll try and get pictures tonight while we finish plugging things in and wiping it down. It’s damn sexy!

After work ride.

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Seward, Lake Washington Blvd, Madison, Seward crit course intervals – 22 miles

BMC SL01 51-35 (q rings) x 11-23 Spinergy Stealth wheels

21.8 miles
Avg HR 175.2
Max HR 198.1

Met Dustin at Seward and road past Leschi with him so he could warm up for his hill repeats. We chatted for a while and some dude asked nicely if he could grab our wheels. I like it when folks ask, so polite! We let him sit on until Leschi.

Dustin went to do his repeats and I rode on to Madison. took a left up the hill to the light to Lake Washington Blvd and after the hairpins I ramped up my intensity and wanted to hold it until the bus stop turn around. Dustin and I passed each other at the intersection, gave a wave and then it was recovery time to Leschi. From the bridge to Seward I held 25 mph at 187 bpm and never felt uncomfortable so I think I’m getting over being sick. Back up at Seward I started doing the crit course laps and ran into a Hagens rider. We did 10 on/off interval laps before I had to call it a night, I was spent.

Back home it was Spincih salad, cottage cheese and yes, a pizza. :-)

Oh… 2 beers too.

I guess Dustin was tearing it up… It would have been great to ride with him today but I just couldn’t have done it. I would have slowed him down.

Okay, fine… you got me.

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For those who know me, I am a MASSIVE Matt Nathanson fan.

Matt who?

Yeah, I get that a lot.

With his amazing writing, musical and stage skills, he’s just a down right genuine guy and Oh boy can he rock.

Last night Matt was opening for Lifehouse at the Showbox SODO. I must admit, I have never been a fan of Lifehouse so it was mostly Matt I wanted to see. Matt’s set was solid, fun and as usual, I loved every second of it.

As Lifehouse took the stage and everyone started pushing forward, Rosanna her co-worker and a friend tried to slide around the side so they could see better and I followed wondering what kind of music hell I was about to drown myself in.

Okay. Are you ready for this? Rosanna and Allison…. You were right, those guys kick ass live.

I don’t know why I don’t like them so much… Maybe it was just one song, “Hanging by a Moment” Ugh, I hate that song. Really though, I was super impressed with their live show. I wish I recorded it!

Does this make me a Lifehouse super-fan? No… but I will take the “I hate that band” tag off in further conversations. I might actually download some more of their schtuff. :-)

Oh, and if the group of drunk, chatty, stinky girls behind us who kept trying to plow through the crowd… You suck. Shut up!

Frostbite Time Trial

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Frostbite TT 8.4 mile out and back course, flat no wind to speak of.

Bike – Leader TT 53-34 X 11-23 Easton Tempest 2 wheels

I am NOTHING (Can’t stress that enough!) of a Time Trialer and I’m still sick (hopped up on cold medicine and coughing up odd things) so I had very low expectations for myself. I know you aren’t supposed to say crap like that but I needed to be realistic. I wanted to use this as a test for my new bike, the wheels and work on my positioning. So I set a meager goal, just PLEASE beat 23 minutes.

When I arrived at the park everyone was already there. Hell, Tony was already sweating from his warm up. Basically, I was running a little tardy and didn’t get the full warm up I needed. While I was spinning on the trainer Martin went off for hist first TT and promptly came back with a flat rear tire. UGH! so he tossed the disc and had to run a Neuvation spoked rear. I should have offered him my Easton rear as it would have helped him more than me but I didn’t think about it until after he rode away. I looked at the time and I have 3 minutes until my start and roll to the line with 20 seconds to spare :-)

I started at 24mph and pretty nuch held it at that EXACT speed except for the turn around (which I missed… there was no one there!!! so I added about 500 meters to the TT) and the end where I was at 26.5 for the last 1k.

I ended up at 22:29 which I feel OK with.

I wasn’t stressed, I was WAY too comfortable (except I need to get a longer stem) and looking back, I could have gone a hell of a lot harder. I have become way to reliant on the power meter at indoor.

Good times and I am super proud of my teammates. Dustin, Brad, Tony, Martin, Jeff W, RC, Guy, Muse all did really well.

It puts me at 15th place out of 17 in the Cat 3 field, pretty close to the bottom. But that’s the good thing about the bottom… there is no where to go but up.

Saturday solo spin.

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Home – Bellevue Park and Ride – Home 48 miles.

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 (q-rings) 11-23 Spinergy Stealth Wheels.

Ride Food – small bottle of Accelerade small bottle of water, snickers bar


Spun super easy Down through Alki and over to Leschi. had a cup of coffee and then headed across mercer island to the park and ride. Garage Racing must have 9 million people on their team this year because everywhere I looked there was a Garage kit. Maybe Alex is selling his hits behind the bar? Turned around and thought about doing the rest of the island but 1 look at the miles so far and I thought I might end up overdoing it for tomorrow’s TT.

It was a good ride, although I missed riding with my teammates this morning. I think I needed to get out for a stroll and with being sick, a hard 70 plus ride is not what I needed.

Speaking of sick, my chest is a little worse. Very DEEP cough and my throat is killing me. The Mucus machine has stopped and so have the dizzy spells I was having last night. I hope I’m feeling better tomorrow for the race.


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I’ve felt like I’ve been on the verge of getting sick for the past week and last night I think it really hit me. I woke up about 3 this morning and couldnt talk and when I did try talking I immediately had to cough. I felt like I was drowning.

I’m a mucus factory.

I’m so tired. My chest hurts from coughing for the last 3 hours straight and all I want to do is to go back to bed.

Will my 3 cups of green tea help me feel better? Maybe some bacon, eggs and hashbrowns will help. Hold my breath and drink three sips of water? turn my head and cough?


Indoor TT 2-20-08

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Bike – Leader TT 53-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium wheels

I wouldn’t say today was a waste because it was an incredible workout. The trainer I was on was completely out of whack which was upsetting because I felt SO good on my warm up and I really wanted to match my PR from last week.

My first mile I normally average about 350 watts. Today? 210.

Yes… 210 watts but I was working SO hard to do it. At first I thought it was me, or the bike. I checked my brakes… where they rubbing? Nope.

Then we hit the first hill and my heart rate is at 187 and I’m pulling 240 watts. Then I knew something was wrong. I got off the bike to talk to Devin, Lang moved some wires around and it didn’t seem to do anything. I decided to just tough it out and man it wiped me out. It really felt like I had DOUBLE the resistance.

By the time I finally finished (dead last) I was shaking and dripping with sweat.

Ive decided this will most likely by my last indoor TT. We’ll see how the weather goes and how I perform this Sunday for the Frostbite TT up in Snohomish.

To sum up today in a word… meh.

Who do I surround myself with?

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I got the Cycle U newsletter this morning in my email and over sips of coffee, read Coach Undems latest article. Maybe it was the amount of java I had this morning or the fact that Rosanna and I met the Reverend who will be officiating our wedding last night and I was feeling a little sentimental.

Maybe it was just gas. :-)

I don’t know. One of his paragraphs jumped out at me.

“If you hang out with dogs, as the saying goes, you will get fleas. You can’t choose your family, but once you are an adult you can choose who you will hang out with. If you hang out with guys and gals who live, ride and act like you want to act, you will be drawn to perform at their level. If you join a team where people want to improve and take their sport seriously, you stand a much better chance of doing the same. If you want to get faster, ride with faster people”

It makes sense for training. Back in High School, training with Dale Macomber made me a faster runner. When I got back into road racing, John Nidecker made me faster and as a cat 3 and our racing crew has some soon cat 2 upgrades we have become more structured and we all make each other better racers.

But I think it goes way past just cycling. I look at my family, friends and workmates and realize that I have surrounded myself with the most outstanding people one could find. From the guys/ gals I ride with, my family to the woman I am going to marry in less than 4 months, they all have a positive, healthy influence in my life.

How do you thank them for that? A gift card to REI? :-)

The only way is to reflect the same love and caring.

I sure hope I do that.


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Anyone watching the Amgen Tour of California?

A couple of things.

BMC has been super active and though I’m a little upset McSickness didn’t make the race squad I’m really happy with their strategy.

Johnny Sundt! You know, last year I was having a conversation with him at Seward and we got on the subject of bridging the gap. He did exactly opposite today than what he told me to do. Good on ya Johnny! :-/

Seeing Fabien Cancellara (wearing the yellow jersey) give his wheel to a teammate who was in the point chase was awesome. What a great teammate.

Bob Roll, get rid of the comb-over.

Cipo at 41 years old, sprinting for a stage win and barely missing it for a 3rd place. Unbelievable.

Tyler Farrar AND the yellow jersey. ’nuff said!

Team Ride – 2/17/08 South Lake WA and Mercer Island twice

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Leschi South lake loop and Mercer Island clockwise twice 48 miles

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35(q rings) x 11-23 Spnergy Stealth Wheels

Breakfast – Water, PB&J

Ride food – small bottle of accelerade, small bottle of water, 3 shot blocks.

Dustin Killed the sprint on Ranier. I tried to reel in the Dewars guys (they started WAY early) and was able to nail them about 200 from the cross walk and Dustin flew past us like we were standing still. It was AMAZING. We cruised to Coulon and the 95% of the group did May Valley, Dustin and I skipped it, we were way to tired from yesterday.

Side Note. I woke up about 3 this morning with a tennis ball sized cramp in my hamstring. It almost brought tears to my eyes. I had to walk around the house a bit and stretch before falling back asleep. Wow yesterday really took it out of me.

As we finished our first loop around Mercer Dustin had to peel off to head home and I just kept on cruising. I spun lightly, nothing too fast, maybe averaging 15 mph. The sun was out, the bike was feeling good and I was smiling. It’s days like today where it’s just fun to ride.

Team Ride – 2/16/08 Sno-Falls with the upper loop.

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Leschi – Snoqualmie Falls – Leschi 70 miles.

Bike BMC SL01 51-35(q-rings) x 11-21 Ksyrium SL Wheels

Breakfast Ensure, PB&J, 2 Aleve, 5 sportleg tablets and water

Ride food 1 large bottle of Accelerade, small bottle of water, 1 bag of shot blocks and a gu shot

Welcome to the story of Brian’s 70 mile ride that required a 45 mile warm up. Last night I went to bed feeling like I was coming down with a fever… chills, hot head, congestion and an upset stomach. Luckily I woke up feeling completely fine. Maybe I was just tired? As I was eating I went downstairs to my shop and grabbed the Cannondale only to find the Bottom Bracket was making an AWFUL grinding noise. D’OH! So I grabbed the BMC and pulled the fender of the Cannondale only to leave it at home :-( So I had to ride in the back of the pack with Brad. You think that means I get a free ride all day with the groups draft but since Brad didn’t have a fender either (and Kurts wasn’t working for shit) I had to back way off as I was getting sprayed like crazy. So not only was I NOT getting the draft I had to fight like CRAZY just to hang on because we were absoulutely flying down Newport. I was able to catch my breath on Sunset and spun comfortably right behind the pack up to the stop lights. It’s amazing how well you do by not panicking and focusing on spinning and breathing. I felt great at the top. When we hit Fall City Greg and Martin had a bit of a gap and it looked like they were trying to get away so I tried to bridge which I almost did but Martin put the hammer down on the downhill and I didn’t want to risk it on the corners (yup.. slicks) so Tony flew past me and then Brad caught me. we pushed the first hill and Brad shot off and then I popped. I waited for Dustin and we did the rest of the climb together and then desceneded. The ride up to the falls was a good pace, I didn’t feel like I was pushing all that hard. We passed a small group and one of the guys jumped in our paceline RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! It threw my concentration off but I held on anyway. As we made the final turn one of the guys stood up (Martin?) and it was on. Unfortunately our visitor wanted to play too and threw his bike back as he stood and almost took me out. I came around him and almost caught up to the group before the stop at the top.

On the ride back the roads were drying out and it got a bit warmer. I started feeling much stronger and was able to put a pretty good move on Issaquah Fall City. I couldn’t catch Dustin but I came close. Dustin and I put the nail in the coffin though with a quick move in Samammish. I put my head down on the hill and pushed my HR up to 199. Dustin said he was pushing over 1000 watts. We didn’t see the rest of the group again until the slough where we waited for them, then just cruised on back to Leschi. I suggested a trip around Mercer Island but it got shot down. I really was feeling good.

All in all it was a good ride, great company too!!

Friday Musical Interlude 2/15/2008

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One of the greatest things to ever come out of Seattle, Green Apple Quickstep. First album hitting the streets in 1995, disbanded in 2001.

Their music is a mix of psychedelia, rock, blues, and groove. They rock hard with the best, fill the air with sound so thick you can grab it, and have a groove a mile deep. The lyrics are a bit esoteric but quite often profound. The band also has a wicked (if sometimes sophomoric) sense of humor; their name is an euphemism for diahrrea (if you eat green apples, you do the quickstep to the bathroom), and Ty is still waiting for aliens to come pick him up, and one of their new songs on Reloaded is an ode to saddle shoes.

“Feel My Way”


Indoor TT 2-13-08

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This is going to be quick as I need to go to bed…

Indoor TT Standard Rolling 10k course

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 (q-rings) x 11-21 Ksyrium SL wheels

I’m happy :-)

1st TT – 15:50 @ 303 watts

2nd TT – 15:21 @ 323 watts

Results can be seen here!

I guess I broke 16 minutes!

Holy shit, that hurt SO bad. I almost threw up that last mile.

Spin spin spin….

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Got home about 4:30 and to my surprise, it was still light outside! So here was my problem… should I go for a ride OUTSIDE on a weekday, or should I take the dogs for a walk.

I took one for the team and took the dogs for a walk and boy were they happy. We trekked down the hill toward the Ferry dock and then back up. Annabelle is still a “I have to sniff EVERYTHING dog” and Maggie has turned into a “stare and contemplate dog” which is nice but they throw the rythm of the walk off.

Back home I set up the TT bike and spun for about an hour and a half. First race is right around the corner… the TT up in Snohomish! watched a couple episodes of Family guy and decided that everytime they poked fun at Meg I would sprint for 15 seconds. Now THAT was a workout.

Dinner was a chicken, egg noodles and cottage cheese over spinich with wheat bread and garlic butter. A glass of water and a beer. Yup, it’s training season. Gone is the cheesburger dinners with a side of pizza.


Tomorrow is indoor TT. I will break 16.

Tomorrow is also the anniversary of Ro and I being engaged. :-)

Word is they cancelled TST, which was my A race this year since I have a split season. I was pretty upset but I just have to focus my effort on Walla Walla and help Dustin and Greg in the RR and Crit and push my A race to Longbranch.

A season without TST? WTF?

Evaluate THIS!

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It’s review time here at the workplace and the new corporate buzz word is “Self Eval

Basically, I have a 5 page list of items that I rank myself using a 1-5 score. 1 being Unsatisfactory and 5 an Outstanding Performer (there is also an N/A but since I wrote my own job description, which this is EXACTLY based on, I better not put N/A on anything!).

So what to do? Well, I’m 4’s and 5’s straight down the line, of course! :-)

I’m having flashbacks of high school, as I never did well on multiple question tests and I wish this was more of a “describe how you perform” instead of just picking a number. I like to write, or Bull Shit as my mom calls it.

I’m sure they don’t really care what I think. This seems to be an excercize in futility. I’ll guess I’ll find out…

Dogbert- OUT!

Sunday Team Ride 2-10-07

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Bike Cannondale R2000 50-34 x 12-23 Swiss Threat Wheels

Breakfast food, PB&J, Ensure, Water

Ride Food – Water and a gu shot

Felt good this morning so I wanted to start a little something on Ranier. Brad and Dustin were right behind me and a couple of Dewars guys were on the front. After a wave to Brad I jumped out and the wind hit me something FIERCE, almost felt like I was being blown backwards. Brad came off my right and Dustin came off my left and the sprint was on. I couldn’t believe Dustin’s power, it was unbelievable. Dustin took the sprint, Brad second and me 3rd.

I was only planning to do the south end but D and B convinced me to hit May Valley. After the hill up we settled into a rolling paceline until the first light. When it hit green we fumbled back into our line and one of the (team name deleted) racers started moving into me. It’s alright, it happens, I mean he should have glanced behind him but oh well. I reached out and tapped him on the hip and told him I was there and he EXPLODED on me. Started lecturing me about pack dynamics and how if I did that in a 1/2 race I would get my ass kicked. WTF? dude you’re a Cat 1? congrats… now act like it. Then I dusted him on Front Street :-) Next time you lecture someone, be in better shape


He came up and apologized later. It was much appreciated.

It was a fast day and I really hadn’t completely recovered from yesterday. I had to take a detour at Newport to grab a Snickers bar and some water but luckily I caught up to Dustin and Jeff W by Mercer Island. I was toast by the time we got across the bridge. Yup, right about the time I noticed my front wheel was flat.

Fitting ending to the ride.

Saturday 2-9-08 Team Ride / Team Party

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Bike – Cannondale R2000 50-34 x 12-25 Swiss Threat wheels.

Breakfast – Water & peanut butter toast

Ride Food – Water & Gu shot

I was running late for the ride and skipped a very much needed breakfast and since I forgot my sandwich at home, I also missed my lunch.

Hey, guess what? Yeah, I bonked like a sunofabitch about mile 40. Luckily Greg gave me a gu shot right before he and Tony headed north and Martin, Jeff and I went south. I had to dig pretty damn deep for the last 20 miles. After a quick stop for some Gatorade (yup, I ran out of water too) and a snickers bar I nutted up and pulled a bunch because Martin’s back was really starting to hurt him and Jeff was close to bonk stage.

It really was a pretty good ride considering some stupid mistakes. Note to self, eat more damnit.

As I was mapping my ride, I must have missed a turn. My computer says 69.4 miles but the map says 62.6.


Saturday night was also our team party and it turned out great. Mickey Gendler showing up was awesome. Pictures are on my Flickr site-

Great great GREAT interview!!!!

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At first, you feel as if the interviewer grabs this guy because he is a young black man who might be an uneducated fella just holding a sign for another black man. You feel angry at the interviewer… why put this guy on the spot just to make a fool out of them?

but then it happens.

The guy knows his stuff. He is well spoken, has great points, holds his ground and is passionate.

where is this in todays youth? I don’t agree with everything he says but his points are very well put.

I wish ALL of us, especially our young folk, were as passionate as this.

Friday Musical Interlude

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Pink Floyd… What else can you say? I don’t think there is an album, B-side, bootleg that I don’t own (including Syd’s, Rogers’, Richard’s and David’s solo stuff)

I’m a Floyd nerd if there ever was one. Especially old Floyd like Piper at the Gates of dawn and Saucer Full of Secrets. In 1969 Pink Floyd released one of my favorite Albums (Double Album to be exact) called Ummagamma. With songs like “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict” and “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” I could, uh, “zone out” so to speak and truly fall into the music. One of the best tracks in my opinion is…

Careful with that Axe, Eugene.

It was originaly the B-side to the single “Point me at the Sky” but the live version was tossed on to Ummagumma. Maybe they just needed more screaming :-)

The song that actually got me hooked on them. “Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air and deep beneath the rolling waves in labyrinths of coral caves…”

Echoes (part 2) from Meddle

It’s so hard to pick tracks for this post without making it 10 pages long…

Pigs – from Animals)

Gotta throw a track from the Wall too…

Mother – The Wall

Wow… where has all the GOOD music gone? will we have to suffer through all this Brit-Brit crap and Hannah Montana BS for much longer?

Thank god for the 60’s. At least you Boomers did SOMETHING right. :-)

Indoor TT 2/7/08

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Indoor TT at Cycle U standard 10k rolling hills

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 (Q-rings) x 11-21 Ksyrium SL Wheels

My first TT went well, felt strong for most of it, except for about mile 2 my wattage dropped a bit. I came in 1 second slower than last week at 16:01

The second TT however absolutely sucked. I felt awful and couldn’t get my legs going. By mile 3 I had a massive sidestitch and I ended up spinning into the end. I pretty much gave up halfway through. My heartrate on the first TT was steady at about 183, now compare that with my heartrate for the 2nd and I couldn’t get it over 165 and my power kept falling. The funny thing is that now, even a bad night is faster than where I was a month ago!

Just a completely different scenerio than last week.

As I sit here this morning though I now know why. I’m a little congested, my eyes hurt and my throat is a bit scratchy. Yup… I’m getting sick.


Well… here are the results. Feel free to laugh :-)

The kick ass part of last night was my friend Tony finally broke 16 minutes… YES! Nice Job Tony! I really wanted to break it before him (what’s a little friendly competition?) but I am so happy he did. You rock Tony! Also, Johnny N finally came to indoor TT and for this to be his first intense effort of the season he was a little scared he might come in last. Little bastard beat me by 2 seconds. Jesus, John… you are right back in the game!

I hope this is a quick cold… I want a good ride on Saturday and then some play time in the snow Sunday!


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Finally time to replace my Adidas Pro Race shoes. I gave up on them. No matter what orthotic I put it in, my feet would kill me past 40 miles.

So I picked these up!

Sidi Genius 6.6 Carbon

I cranked a set of speedplay cleats (careful for the carbon weave!) on and rode them last night. DAMN! I’ve been missing out!

I road through Matrix Reloaded and 3/4 of Matrix Revolutions before I decided I was done and it was time to eat and my feet felt super great!

Yes Rosanna, you were right. I should have bought Sidi’s last year.

Damn you.

Monday night ride to nowhere.

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Yup. Nowhere.

but the computer said I averaged 28 mph for an hour and eight minutes of riding :-) I guess I should have used some type of resistance on the trainer.


I just wanted to spin my legs for an hour or so. Luckily Animal House was on so that kept me entertained while churned away.

“My advice to you is to start drinking heavily”

“Better listen to him Flounder, he’s pre-med”

Bike Cannondale R2000 50-34 x 12-23 Neuvation M28 Aero wheels.

I was SO thirsty the entire ride. I killed a bottle of water and then got a second. Must have been suffering from Greg’s chile still.

Weekend in review… Rings, Rides and Rumbles

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After an evening of dinner and drinks listening to Two Buck Chuck (the guys playing music at our wedding) Rosanna and I slept in a bit and I decided not to partake in a Saturday morning Team ride. Instead, I meandered around the house in my Superman PJ’s, eating bad breakfast foods, playing with the dogs and catching up on some laundry. Exciting eh? After Ro got back from her InCycle spin class we headed on over to Issaquah to wander the Pickering Barn (wedding site) which was WAY cool, this thing is gonna rock! We also hit up EE robbins to buy our wedding rings. Rosanna went with a band that matches her engagement ring perfectly, wrapped in small diamonds it almost blinded me (and my wallet, of course) I went with a Titanium ring, slight bevel with no polish. I spent the rest of the evening building up Rosanna’s Trek 5200 and repacking the headset on the Tandem.

Sunday – TEAM RIDE – South Lake Washington

Bike BMC SL01 51-35 x 11-23 Spinergy Stealth wheels

The weather wasn’t bad at all… overcast but dry roads so I pulled out the BMC for it’s first road ride of the year. And it was a good thing because todays ride was FAST. Matt Hill ended up riding rainier with us and I grabbed his wheel and when one of the new guys jumped early I watched Corrie latch on to him I waited until they started to fade a bit and punched around Matt. Perfect timing for me and I took it :-) It feels great to be riding this bike again!

Detlef and I got a chance to talk for a bit afterwards, I haven’t seen him since the Bike Tour. He kept on saying he was out of shape. Out of shape? Det… you dropped 3/4 of the pack and none of us could talk trying to hang with you. Jesus. We chatted a bit about how the Schrempf foundation was going and (of course) the Sonics and whats happeneing with them. He is a super guy and I’m glad I get a chance to ride with him every now and then.

It was really fast all the way back to Mercer, I fought Woody and John M for the top of the hill and took that but couldn’t recover in time for the next and John handed me my lunch. He is AMAZINGLY strong. Just… wow.

Later Ro and I headed over to Greg K’s house for Superbowl, Chili, snacks and Halo. Let’s talk about the chili… PHEW.. Greg knows how to make chili and warned me not to have a second bowl.

and he was right.

It tasted SO good then about 30 seconds later you could feel the spice and the sweat turned on. I wanted seconds but I knew I would pay for it if I did. I don’t think we watched much of the game. We had it going on his big TV but then had 2 others set up for a little Halo 3 which was a ton of fun and Greg used words that are illegal in 34 countries. Classic line of the night, “Brian has extra shields or something because I shot him 3 times in the face!” Sart playing Halo, 2:30PM done by 9PM. Yesssss.

All in all it was a great weekend… I wish it was a day longer because I REALLY wanted to hit the mountain but it was time to get back to work.

Friday Musical Interlude, straight from Ireland – 2/1/08

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First of all…. Happy February!

I must admit, when my mother told me to check out the movie “Once” for it’s music I was SO not ready for what I found. I am really blown away! Glen Hansard is a brilliant song writer and performer and his passion is incredible. Glen (born Dublin, Ireland, 21 April 1970) is the vocalist and guitarist for Irish rock group The Frames. Hansard quit school at age 13 to begin busking on local Dublin streets. He first came to widespread public attention as guitar player Outspan Foster in the Alan Parker film The Commitments.

The first clip I went to was this..

“Say it To Me Now” from Once

WOW… that was AMAZING!

and this actually gave me a lump in my throat..

Song For Someone

and this one is a little shaky but their voices work so well together.

Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova “Falling Slowly”

He reminds me of Damien Rice + Neil young + Cat Stevens and it’s brilliant.

Now I have to watch the damn movie! :-)

okay… Thanks mom, good pick!