Weekend in review… Rings, Rides and Rumbles

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After an evening of dinner and drinks listening to Two Buck Chuck (the guys playing music at our wedding) Rosanna and I slept in a bit and I decided not to partake in a Saturday morning Team ride. Instead, I meandered around the house in my Superman PJ’s, eating bad breakfast foods, playing with the dogs and catching up on some laundry. Exciting eh? After Ro got back from her InCycle spin class we headed on over to Issaquah to wander the Pickering Barn (wedding site) which was WAY cool, this thing is gonna rock! We also hit up EE robbins to buy our wedding rings. Rosanna went with a band that matches her engagement ring perfectly, wrapped in small diamonds it almost blinded me (and my wallet, of course) I went with a Titanium ring, slight bevel with no polish. I spent the rest of the evening building up Rosanna’s Trek 5200 and repacking the headset on the Tandem.

Sunday – TEAM RIDE – South Lake Washington

Bike BMC SL01 51-35 x 11-23 Spinergy Stealth wheels

The weather wasn’t bad at all… overcast but dry roads so I pulled out the BMC for it’s first road ride of the year. And it was a good thing because todays ride was FAST. Matt Hill ended up riding rainier with us and I grabbed his wheel and when one of the new guys jumped early I watched Corrie latch on to him I waited until they started to fade a bit and punched around Matt. Perfect timing for me and I took it :-) It feels great to be riding this bike again!

Detlef and I got a chance to talk for a bit afterwards, I haven’t seen him since the Bike Tour. He kept on saying he was out of shape. Out of shape? Det… you dropped 3/4 of the pack and none of us could talk trying to hang with you. Jesus. We chatted a bit about how the Schrempf foundation was going and (of course) the Sonics and whats happeneing with them. He is a super guy and I’m glad I get a chance to ride with him every now and then.

It was really fast all the way back to Mercer, I fought Woody and John M for the top of the hill and took that but couldn’t recover in time for the next and John handed me my lunch. He is AMAZINGLY strong. Just… wow.

Later Ro and I headed over to Greg K’s house for Superbowl, Chili, snacks and Halo. Let’s talk about the chili… PHEW.. Greg knows how to make chili and warned me not to have a second bowl.

and he was right.

It tasted SO good then about 30 seconds later you could feel the spice and the sweat turned on. I wanted seconds but I knew I would pay for it if I did. I don’t think we watched much of the game. We had it going on his big TV but then had 2 others set up for a little Halo 3 which was a ton of fun and Greg used words that are illegal in 34 countries. Classic line of the night, “Brian has extra shields or something because I shot him 3 times in the face!” Sart playing Halo, 2:30PM done by 9PM. Yesssss.

All in all it was a great weekend… I wish it was a day longer because I REALLY wanted to hit the mountain but it was time to get back to work.

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