Indoor TT 2/7/08

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Indoor TT at Cycle U standard 10k rolling hills

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 (Q-rings) x 11-21 Ksyrium SL Wheels

My first TT went well, felt strong for most of it, except for about mile 2 my wattage dropped a bit. I came in 1 second slower than last week at 16:01

The second TT however absolutely sucked. I felt awful and couldn’t get my legs going. By mile 3 I had a massive sidestitch and I ended up spinning into the end. I pretty much gave up halfway through. My heartrate on the first TT was steady at about 183, now compare that with my heartrate for the 2nd and I couldn’t get it over 165 and my power kept falling. The funny thing is that now, even a bad night is faster than where I was a month ago!

Just a completely different scenerio than last week.

As I sit here this morning though I now know why. I’m a little congested, my eyes hurt and my throat is a bit scratchy. Yup… I’m getting sick.


Well… here are the results. Feel free to laugh :-)

The kick ass part of last night was my friend Tony finally broke 16 minutes… YES! Nice Job Tony! I really wanted to break it before him (what’s a little friendly competition?) but I am so happy he did. You rock Tony! Also, Johnny N finally came to indoor TT and for this to be his first intense effort of the season he was a little scared he might come in last. Little bastard beat me by 2 seconds. Jesus, John… you are right back in the game!

I hope this is a quick cold… I want a good ride on Saturday and then some play time in the snow Sunday!

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