Saturday 2-9-08 Team Ride / Team Party

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Bike – Cannondale R2000 50-34 x 12-25 Swiss Threat wheels.

Breakfast – Water & peanut butter toast

Ride Food – Water & Gu shot

I was running late for the ride and skipped a very much needed breakfast and since I forgot my sandwich at home, I also missed my lunch.

Hey, guess what? Yeah, I bonked like a sunofabitch about mile 40. Luckily Greg gave me a gu shot right before he and Tony headed north and Martin, Jeff and I went south. I had to dig pretty damn deep for the last 20 miles. After a quick stop for some Gatorade (yup, I ran out of water too) and a snickers bar I nutted up and pulled a bunch because Martin’s back was really starting to hurt him and Jeff was close to bonk stage.

It really was a pretty good ride considering some stupid mistakes. Note to self, eat more damnit.

As I was mapping my ride, I must have missed a turn. My computer says 69.4 miles but the map says 62.6.


Saturday night was also our team party and it turned out great. Mickey Gendler showing up was awesome. Pictures are on my Flickr site-

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