Sunday Team Ride 2-10-07

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Bike Cannondale R2000 50-34 x 12-23 Swiss Threat Wheels

Breakfast food, PB&J, Ensure, Water

Ride Food – Water and a gu shot

Felt good this morning so I wanted to start a little something on Ranier. Brad and Dustin were right behind me and a couple of Dewars guys were on the front. After a wave to Brad I jumped out and the wind hit me something FIERCE, almost felt like I was being blown backwards. Brad came off my right and Dustin came off my left and the sprint was on. I couldn’t believe Dustin’s power, it was unbelievable. Dustin took the sprint, Brad second and me 3rd.

I was only planning to do the south end but D and B convinced me to hit May Valley. After the hill up we settled into a rolling paceline until the first light. When it hit green we fumbled back into our line and one of the (team name deleted) racers started moving into me. It’s alright, it happens, I mean he should have glanced behind him but oh well. I reached out and tapped him on the hip and told him I was there and he EXPLODED on me. Started lecturing me about pack dynamics and how if I did that in a 1/2 race I would get my ass kicked. WTF? dude you’re a Cat 1? congrats… now act like it. Then I dusted him on Front Street :-) Next time you lecture someone, be in better shape


He came up and apologized later. It was much appreciated.

It was a fast day and I really hadn’t completely recovered from yesterday. I had to take a detour at Newport to grab a Snickers bar and some water but luckily I caught up to Dustin and Jeff W by Mercer Island. I was toast by the time we got across the bridge. Yup, right about the time I noticed my front wheel was flat.

Fitting ending to the ride.

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