Evaluate THIS!

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It’s review time here at the workplace and the new corporate buzz word is “Self Eval

Basically, I have a 5 page list of items that I rank myself using a 1-5 score. 1 being Unsatisfactory and 5 an Outstanding Performer (there is also an N/A but since I wrote my own job description, which this is EXACTLY based on, I better not put N/A on anything!).

So what to do? Well, I’m 4’s and 5’s straight down the line, of course! :-)

I’m having flashbacks of high school, as I never did well on multiple question tests and I wish this was more of a “describe how you perform” instead of just picking a number. I like to write, or Bull Shit as my mom calls it.

I’m sure they don’t really care what I think. This seems to be an excercize in futility. I’ll guess I’ll find out…

Dogbert- OUT!

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