Spin spin spin….

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Got home about 4:30 and to my surprise, it was still light outside! So here was my problem… should I go for a ride OUTSIDE on a weekday, or should I take the dogs for a walk.

I took one for the team and took the dogs for a walk and boy were they happy. We trekked down the hill toward the Ferry dock and then back up. Annabelle is still a “I have to sniff EVERYTHING dog” and Maggie has turned into a “stare and contemplate dog” which is nice but they throw the rythm of the walk off.

Back home I set up the TT bike and spun for about an hour and a half. First race is right around the corner… the TT up in Snohomish! watched a couple episodes of Family guy and decided that everytime they poked fun at Meg I would sprint for 15 seconds. Now THAT was a workout.

Dinner was a chicken, egg noodles and cottage cheese over spinich with wheat bread and garlic butter. A glass of water and a beer. Yup, it’s training season. Gone is the cheesburger dinners with a side of pizza.


Tomorrow is indoor TT. I will break 16.

Tomorrow is also the anniversary of Ro and I being engaged. :-)

Word is they cancelled TST, which was my A race this year since I have a split season. I was pretty upset but I just have to focus my effort on Walla Walla and help Dustin and Greg in the RR and Crit and push my A race to Longbranch.

A season without TST? WTF?

3 Responses to “Spin spin spin….”

  • Wouldn’t that workout essentially have you sprinting non-stop?

    Kevin — February 12, 2008 at 11:05 pm
  • That’s why I am sore today!

    Brian — February 13, 2008 at 7:40 am
  • Nice Job in the TTs B. 15.21 is an awesome time, you’re ready for some Frostbite now.
    We’ll have to call you Joe Name-it :-)
    Funny, I had my review at work this week too! I think all companies are going for self assesment ? (I am perfect too)

    Old as dirt — February 13, 2008 at 10:27 pm
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