Team Ride – 2/16/08 Sno-Falls with the upper loop.

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Leschi – Snoqualmie Falls – Leschi 70 miles.

Bike BMC SL01 51-35(q-rings) x 11-21 Ksyrium SL Wheels

Breakfast Ensure, PB&J, 2 Aleve, 5 sportleg tablets and water

Ride food 1 large bottle of Accelerade, small bottle of water, 1 bag of shot blocks and a gu shot

Welcome to the story of Brian’s 70 mile ride that required a 45 mile warm up. Last night I went to bed feeling like I was coming down with a fever… chills, hot head, congestion and an upset stomach. Luckily I woke up feeling completely fine. Maybe I was just tired? As I was eating I went downstairs to my shop and grabbed the Cannondale only to find the Bottom Bracket was making an AWFUL grinding noise. D’OH! So I grabbed the BMC and pulled the fender of the Cannondale only to leave it at home :-( So I had to ride in the back of the pack with Brad. You think that means I get a free ride all day with the groups draft but since Brad didn’t have a fender either (and Kurts wasn’t working for shit) I had to back way off as I was getting sprayed like crazy. So not only was I NOT getting the draft I had to fight like CRAZY just to hang on because we were absoulutely flying down Newport. I was able to catch my breath on Sunset and spun comfortably right behind the pack up to the stop lights. It’s amazing how well you do by not panicking and focusing on spinning and breathing. I felt great at the top. When we hit Fall City Greg and Martin had a bit of a gap and it looked like they were trying to get away so I tried to bridge which I almost did but Martin put the hammer down on the downhill and I didn’t want to risk it on the corners (yup.. slicks) so Tony flew past me and then Brad caught me. we pushed the first hill and Brad shot off and then I popped. I waited for Dustin and we did the rest of the climb together and then desceneded. The ride up to the falls was a good pace, I didn’t feel like I was pushing all that hard. We passed a small group and one of the guys jumped in our paceline RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! It threw my concentration off but I held on anyway. As we made the final turn one of the guys stood up (Martin?) and it was on. Unfortunately our visitor wanted to play too and threw his bike back as he stood and almost took me out. I came around him and almost caught up to the group before the stop at the top.

On the ride back the roads were drying out and it got a bit warmer. I started feeling much stronger and was able to put a pretty good move on Issaquah Fall City. I couldn’t catch Dustin but I came close. Dustin and I put the nail in the coffin though with a quick move in Samammish. I put my head down on the hill and pushed my HR up to 199. Dustin said he was pushing over 1000 watts. We didn’t see the rest of the group again until the slough where we waited for them, then just cruised on back to Leschi. I suggested a trip around Mercer Island but it got shot down. I really was feeling good.

All in all it was a good ride, great company too!!

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