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Anyone watching the Amgen Tour of California?

A couple of things.

BMC has been super active and though I’m a little upset McSickness didn’t make the race squad I’m really happy with their strategy.

Johnny Sundt! You know, last year I was having a conversation with him at Seward and we got on the subject of bridging the gap. He did exactly opposite today than what he told me to do. Good on ya Johnny! :-/

Seeing Fabien Cancellara (wearing the yellow jersey) give his wheel to a teammate who was in the point chase was awesome. What a great teammate.

Bob Roll, get rid of the comb-over.

Cipo at 41 years old, sprinting for a stage win and barely missing it for a 3rd place. Unbelievable.

Tyler Farrar AND the yellow jersey. ’nuff said!

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