Who do I surround myself with?

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I got the Cycle U newsletter this morning in my email and over sips of coffee, read Coach Undems latest article. Maybe it was the amount of java I had this morning or the fact that Rosanna and I met the Reverend who will be officiating our wedding last night and I was feeling a little sentimental.

Maybe it was just gas. :-)

I don’t know. One of his paragraphs jumped out at me.

“If you hang out with dogs, as the saying goes, you will get fleas. You can’t choose your family, but once you are an adult you can choose who you will hang out with. If you hang out with guys and gals who live, ride and act like you want to act, you will be drawn to perform at their level. If you join a team where people want to improve and take their sport seriously, you stand a much better chance of doing the same. If you want to get faster, ride with faster people”

It makes sense for training. Back in High School, training with Dale Macomber made me a faster runner. When I got back into road racing, John Nidecker made me faster and as a cat 3 and our racing crew has some soon cat 2 upgrades we have become more structured and we all make each other better racers.

But I think it goes way past just cycling. I look at my family, friends and workmates and realize that I have surrounded myself with the most outstanding people one could find. From the guys/ gals I ride with, my family to the woman I am going to marry in less than 4 months, they all have a positive, healthy influence in my life.

How do you thank them for that? A gift card to REI? :-)

The only way is to reflect the same love and caring.

I sure hope I do that.

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