Saturday solo spin.

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Home – Bellevue Park and Ride – Home 48 miles.

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 (q-rings) 11-23 Spinergy Stealth Wheels.

Ride Food – small bottle of Accelerade small bottle of water, snickers bar


Spun super easy Down through Alki and over to Leschi. had a cup of coffee and then headed across mercer island to the park and ride. Garage Racing must have 9 million people on their team this year because everywhere I looked there was a Garage kit. Maybe Alex is selling his hits behind the bar? Turned around and thought about doing the rest of the island but 1 look at the miles so far and I thought I might end up overdoing it for tomorrow’s TT.

It was a good ride, although I missed riding with my teammates this morning. I think I needed to get out for a stroll and with being sick, a hard 70 plus ride is not what I needed.

Speaking of sick, my chest is a little worse. Very DEEP cough and my throat is killing me. The Mucus machine has stopped and so have the dizzy spells I was having last night. I hope I’m feeling better tomorrow for the race.

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