After work ride.

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Seward, Lake Washington Blvd, Madison, Seward crit course intervals – 22 miles

BMC SL01 51-35 (q rings) x 11-23 Spinergy Stealth wheels

21.8 miles
Avg HR 175.2
Max HR 198.1

Met Dustin at Seward and road past Leschi with him so he could warm up for his hill repeats. We chatted for a while and some dude asked nicely if he could grab our wheels. I like it when folks ask, so polite! We let him sit on until Leschi.

Dustin went to do his repeats and I rode on to Madison. took a left up the hill to the light to Lake Washington Blvd and after the hairpins I ramped up my intensity and wanted to hold it until the bus stop turn around. Dustin and I passed each other at the intersection, gave a wave and then it was recovery time to Leschi. From the bridge to Seward I held 25 mph at 187 bpm and never felt uncomfortable so I think I’m getting over being sick. Back up at Seward I started doing the crit course laps and ran into a Hagens rider. We did 10 on/off interval laps before I had to call it a night, I was spent.

Back home it was Spincih salad, cottage cheese and yes, a pizza. :-)

Oh… 2 beers too.

I guess Dustin was tearing it up… It would have been great to ride with him today but I just couldn’t have done it. I would have slowed him down.

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