Build a Bike… The Specialized Saga. Episode Two

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After work I ran home to yank the Ritchey Bar/Stem combo off of my Cannondale and high tailed it over to Dustin’s to finish our little project. Obviously we are on a deadline because Mason Lake 1 road race is, gulp, tomorrow and I wanted to give Spanky Van Wyck a day to kick around on it before rolling to the start line.

Hey guess what? Yup, brothers and Sisters, I present to you, D-man’s S-works…

There are still some tweaks to wrench on but we will get to those when his bars and stem come in from Mr. Bicycle Mail Order.

So yeah, there you have it. It’s a pretty sweet bike. We half assed measured the weight on a bathroom scale at it’s a hefty 15.4 pounds WITH the heavy wheels on it and stiff as, well… use your imagination.

OH, Mason Lake Road Race? Just to get the juices flowing, here’s a picture from last years ML #2. That’s Dustins leg to the right. Damn that was a wet race!!!

Thanks to Amara at for the picture!

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