Friday Musical Interlude, 3-7-08

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For years, the moments I was cold, when things wouldn’t make sense no matter what I did, I retreated to Radiohead. They are my warm blanket, my comfort food. They brought me back to the beginning so I could start over.

“A Reminder.”

If I get old
I will not give in
But if I do
Remind me of this

Remind me that
Once I was free
Once I was cool
Once I was me

And if I sat down
And crossed my arms
Hold me into
This song

Knock me out
Smash out my brains
If I take a chair
Start to talk shit

If I get old
Remind me of this
That night we kissed
And I really meant it

Whatever happens
If we’re still speaking
Pick up the phone
Play me this song.

One of the greatest songs of all time, “Paranoid Android”… Please, please, PLEASE watch this whole video! WOW!

Live and acoustic, “Street Spirit (fade Out)”

And finally, because I’m a slave to live music. “Idioteque” Live in Paris. Absolutely unbelievable and brings tears to my eyes.

3 Responses to “Friday Musical Interlude, 3-7-08”

  • I’m just doing some research for next friday….Irish Music, drinking songs.

    Old as dirt — March 7, 2008 at 9:14 pm
  • Like this one,makes me cry most times!

    Old as dirt — March 7, 2008 at 9:17 pm
  • Fantastic! I love it!

    Yup… special edition next friday ;-)

    Brian — March 8, 2008 at 5:38 pm
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