Conversation of the night…

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Rosanna on the couch, making gift boxes for our wedding guests

Brian on the chair in front of the TV typing away at his computer.

Conversation Follows-

Brian, “Jesus Christ I’m wiped out, I can’t keep my eyes open. How the hell are you doing all that intricate crap with out going insane? Is it soothing?”

Rosanna, “It’s a necessity, it has to get done.”

Brian, “I’d help you Babe but I would totally screw it up…”

Rosanna, interupting, “Yeah you would glue your fingers together and your toes to your head, stay the hell away.”

Brian, shocked, “Nice!”

I’m glad she knows me so well.

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  • I can’t believe that I got those favor boxes done. I had no blood left in my right arm by the time that I was done – from all the cutting, hot glueing and wrapping of ribbon. Sheesh!


    Blassina — March 11, 2008 at 11:25 am
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