Weekend race wrap up.

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First off, this was a seriously busy weekend. Not just for me but I’ll tell ya, Rosanna busted her ass from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. I think she deserves some time off. Martini’s and hot bath salts for you babe ;-)

Saturday morning I met Greg, Dustin, Jeff W and we headed south for a South Lake WA and Mercer loop, zone 1/ zone 2 because we were planning on racing Sequim on Sunday. Tony was over at Mason representing the our BI cat 3 squad and did well as Brad did in the cat 4 race getting a 6th place in a pack sprint. We cruised Rainier until we got to the sprint, I tapped Dustin on the hip and told him to follow me and ramped the speed up to 31-32mph before I pulled off and Dustin sprinted to the crosswalk. Perfectly executed, obviously since there wasn’t anyone to get in the way but good practice none the less.

We toned it down for the rest of the way back to Leschi, enjoying the drizzly liquid sunshine and then high tailed it home to clean up and go help Ro at the Bike Expo.

I have never seen the Expo SO crowded. The parking sucked so some intelligent person parked on the side of the road in the bike lane and since ONE person did it, EVERYONE started doing it. Look people… BIKE expo means you have some intrest in cycling, right? Why the hell would you park in the bike lane?

That $35 dollar ticket on your window shouldn’t have surprised you. Rough guess I think the City of Seattle raked in a good $2000 in parking tickets. Think they made their quota for the month?

I slept like poo Saturday night and when Ro got home from her concert (she went to the Matchbox 20 show) she reminded me to set the clock ahead an hour. GREAT… I haven’t slept more than an hour in the last 3 that I tried to and now I lose an hour at wake up time, which was 4:30 so I could catch the 6:10 ferry. Crappy!

Sunday, Race Day. Cat 3 Sequim 12 mile mostly flat course, 5 laps 60 miles.

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 q-rings x 12-23 Spinergy Stealth wheels

Breakfast- Ensure, Noodles, chicken and cottage cheese, banana and water

Ride food couple pulls off of my Nuun water.

I felt GREAT!!! Right from the gun my legs felt perfect. Brian V from Carter is known to demolish people in this course, in fact a year ago while on a break he tore my legs off with 2 laps to go and laughed the entire time. The guys insane.
Tour de Dung, Byrne All together

He attacks 2 miles into the race. TWO MILES. I latched onto his wheel and we were flying and when he told me to pull through I sat up as us in a break was not the plan this early, I just didn’t want him to get away. So what does he do? Drop back to the pack? HELL NO! He attacks again, and this time Greg goes with him. It was that way the entire first lap. Brian V jumping off the front and everyone chasing.

Now, as we start the second lap there is a huge lag and we slow way down, I’m up with Greg and Dustin and they sit on the front while I jump off. I put my head down and give it everything I have until my legs feel like they are going to fall off, I look behind me and NO ONE is there. I’m all by myself. Greg and Dustin block perfectly. As I hit the 2 rollers I stand to sprint up them and then I feel it… front rim on pavement. I have a flat.

2 guesses as to what the only word was screaming in my head.

As the pack caught me I look behind for the wheel car. Not there, must be wheeling up another flat. My tire wasn’t completely gone so I waited on the back during the downhill and then a hard right turn and THAT’S when I realized my tire was completely flat. The wheel car pulled up and the dude jumped out I told him which wheel to pull out and it turned out they were buried in the back. I watch the field get further and further away when we get it changed and he says he’ll pace me up. The recycled cycles guy who flatted made it up to me and we sat on the wheel car a bit before he eventually drove off and we never saw the pack again.

Turns out that Dustin and a group of 6 other got away on the counter attack after I was caught and they stayed away for 1 and 1/2 laps… NICE! As they came in for their last lap they were all together and we all thought it would end up a bunch sprint. 28 minutes later who comes popping over the horizon at 500 to go? Greg K and Brian V ALL_BY_THEMSELVES. Brian beats Greg to the line by a bike length or two and then the field crests and it’s all Hagens at the front. As they get closer Tony and Dustin appear out of no where and snag 5th and 6th place. ROCK ON!

So results-

4 ByrneInvent guys out of a field of about 50 and we put 3 in the top 6.

How awesome is that?

Tour de Dung Greg 2nd place
Greg sprinting for second… You can’t see it but his Fu-Man-Chu is flapping in the wind.

Congrats to Greg, Tony and Dustin. You guys killed it. This season completely kicks butt.

Pictures to follow. I’m tired and have to go to bed.



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  • Great race Brian. I hope Brian V. heads to MLK this weekend. Hope to see you there too.

    Dustin — March 10, 2008 at 12:39 pm
  • Excellent job! Keep it up.

    Martin — March 12, 2008 at 7:57 am
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