New old pain.

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In 1995 I took a bad spill while on board a submarine in the navy. We were in Refit at Delta pier and had the Logistic Trunks pulled with ladder shacks going down. Since we were loading material the top of the shack was open and it had been raining, I had finished my Duty QM tour topside and was heading down when I slipped and fell straight down the ladder, hitting my legs, head and landing on my back. I can’t recall the fall luckily but I remember the huge amount of pain I was in during transport.

the aftermath was not as bad as you would expect. I cracked some ribs, slight concusion, sprained ankle and a VERY stiff/ sore lower back which after an MRI the doctor said was nothing but swollen tissue that would settle down after time and meds.

My meds? 800mg tablets of IB and a muscle relaxer that I can’t remember the name of plus bed rest for 1 week followed by 1 month of light duty. I also had my TS clearance pulled for the remainder of the refit period which meant I couldn’t work on any of our patrol charts, just our restricted water charts. I am sure that pissed of the rest of our nav team but they never said anything.

I was in a lot of pain really, even though I never let on about it. I didn’t tell my family about all that I went through because of how sick my dad was and what they were going through. I knew my mom would worry about it and she was already doing so much for him and keeping my brother sane.

Anyway, what I’m trying to get to is this.

Since then I have a recurring lower and upper back pain that is SO hard to explain. it’s not like a sore back, it feels like someone is stabbing me with 100 tiny needles but it usually goes away after 15-20 minutes a few bottles of beer or whatever comes first. Recently it’s been getting more common (in my upper back) and I actually woke up in pain this morning which has never really happened. I wonder if it’s my cycling, which would scare me because I love it and am doing so well. Maybe it’s just getting older. Maybe I am just a baby.

Maybe I just need to nut up and deal with it.

I sure wish it would go away though.

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