Friday Musical interlude – For the Irish in all of us.

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Heard in pubs across the world this weekend…

“Hey there baby, you got any Irish in you?”

“No, not really”

“Well, would you like some?”


Hi there! I’m Scottish.

Well, Scottish/German, please don’t hold that against me.

If you came here thinking you will see a video of some half drunk college teen singing Danny Boy, prepare to be dissapointed. I am sure you can get your fix in Pioneer square this weekend. Please folks, Danny Boy is such a great song… don’t destroy it. Besides, it’s better for funerals, not a kegger!


Gaelic Storm, “The One”

Gaelic Storm, “Bare in the Basin” – Live

The Merry Ploughboys in Dublin.

I’ll tell you what, the Uileann pipes just stop me in my tracks. Love them. This tune has more of a Scott influence.

John McSherry, “Doinna”

And finally, for OAD of course-

Paddy Reilly, The Fields of Athenry

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