That’s what she said.

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Sitting here at work typing away and I get the urge to delve into the candy jar I keep on my desk for fellow employees to partake in while they our visiting our little purchasing kingdome. I don’t usually eat candy but I saw a small box of Dots and had a sudden yearning for them. I reached into the jar and pulled out that yellow box of goodness, opened it up and poured the 5 colored gum drop shaped candies onto my desk. I promptly discarded the orange one by tossing it at Nate then popped the red one into my mouth.

Hard as a rock. Stale, probobly left over from Halloween 1982.

“God Damn!”, I yelled, spitting the candy into my trash can. “That’s got to be the hardest thing I have ever put into my mouth!”

Nate turns to me and calmly says, “That’s what she said.”


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