Wednesday Randomness

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I have a head cold… Not a nasty one mind you but it’s there enough to piss me off. I actually felt it coming on Sunday post race but thought I was just wiped out. Nope, I have a bug.


Maggie is going to the vet today for pre-op screening so I took her to work today. As I was getting her crate ready I said, “You get to go for a ride today” Annabelle’s ears shot up and she ran over to me. Yup, gotta take her too now. I’m going to be such a push over when we have kids. Friday, Maggie will go in to get fixed as per my contract with the breeder (white boxers usually carry a stipulation that you MUST get them fixed) that and I went through 3 cycles with Annabelle and I refuse to do that again. Actually, I went through 2 cycles with Annabelle and Evan was watching her for the 3rd while I was in New York. HAH! Doggie diapers…. Nice.

Speaking of my brother, if you get a chance check out HIS blog at There are always neat tid-bits going on over there that I pretend to understand. We are both Mac guys but he is so far ahead of me I might as well still be using an Apple ][e. He’s an IT geek for Pilchuck Glass School and I am proud to say I understand about 1/4 of the stuff he talks about when it comes to computers. SQL, XML, Gigahert, Terabitch, FTTP… I have a headache just thinking about it. It’s awesome though to see him so passionate about that and his photography. He sure did turn out well… must be his older brother. Well, maybe it was our parents. Maybe he’s just smart.

He just plain kicks ass and I’m super happy for him.


An example of what happens when you bring the family pooch to a bike race and don’t leash him.

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