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I was supposed to help Jason and Ang move today but thanks to my head cold (which I thought was going away) expanding into something I would only describe as dissentary of the face, I wasn’t able to make it. I can’t breathe, my eyeballs hurt, I’m making wheezing sounds when I am able to take a full breath and I stubbed my toe this morning so I’m pretty upset about that.

So, no moving my cousin-in-laws today.

Today was also Independance Valley Road Race which is a very good course for me. Even if I WASN’T planning on helping someone move, I couldn’t race today, I’d pass out.

I was able to clean up my Cannondale, put on a new Ritchey Pro stem and bars, new cables, bottom bracket and clean up my Swiss Threat wheels. All I need is a new chain, new bar tape and I really think I need a new 11-23 cassette for the wheels, the one that’s on there is pretty trashed. Winter pretty much killed it. Since I built the Cannondale up with the Easton EC90SLX fork it actually comes in 400 grams lighter than my BMC when I roll on my Easton tubies. This will certainly be race worthy once I get everything back on it.

I haven’t been sitting like a lump on a log all day, mind you. I was able to throw on my kit, jump on the bike and roll out a 20 mile ride. Nothing spectacular, really as I pretty much just put it on cruise control and ENJOYED myself. Clear, 48 degrees, slight wind and a smile on my face even if I was sick.

Just for the hell of it, I’m going to toss up a random picture. Ready?


Don’t ask….. please.

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  • That’s why I love boys on bikes. Pure exploitation. (And half the time they don’t know it.)

    jillita — March 25, 2008 at 9:35 pm
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