Friday Musical Interlude 3 -28-08

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I’m prepared to get a lot of crap for my post today because I’m about to make a statement. Please though, read what I type carefully.

John Mayer is ONE of the most talented guitarists and song writers. Not just now but of all time. Do not judge him by the Room for Squares Album. Most of those songs were written when he was a treenager and the label transformed it into poppy crap.

He is amazing to watch.

“Gravity” with a little intro from John

want to impress a chick with your guitar skills? learn to play this next song…


This is by far one of my favorite Mayer songs-

“Covered in Rain”

The ultimate “I want you back” song. If this doesn’t make your eyes well up… you have never had your heart broken.


If you listen to any of these it HAS to be the next one.

“Man on the Side”

I can hear it now… HAHA Brian likes John Mayer. You watch, Mayer has the talent, longevity and personality to be a staple in the world of music. His playing is magical, his ability to draw you in to his song is undeniable and to tell you the truth, he has an absolutely hilarious sensE of humor.

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  • When you can channel the guitar prowess of Stevie Ray Vaughn, you are one amazing Guitar player. John Mayer is in that caliber. It’s just a shame he got popular off such pappy crap like Your Body is a Wonderland and making 13 year old girls scream.

    I’m glad he figured it all out with his latest album and started doing his ability justice.

    Evan — March 28, 2008 at 10:37 am
  • You may be right with your claim of best guitarist/song writer, but he is no Stevie Ray Vaughn on guitar… But then, Stevie wasn’t a great writer either.

    Sketti Scramble — March 28, 2008 at 1:10 pm
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