Well, It’s break time.

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Thursday at Seward Park will be my last race for a month. Rosanna asked that I not race for 30 days before our wedding week and although I miss a lot of races that I really wanted to do, I do agree with her. Who wants wedding pictures with the post crash Elephant man? Well… Besides Cher.

“I am not an animal!”

Man that would suck. Most people have reminded me though that my worst accident was actually on a training ride a couple of years ago when I got hit by a car. That was a lot of fun! Who needs racing to wipe out big time and end up in the hospital?

It looks like tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be pretty damn good for racing and if we are sticking to the course schedule, we are going counter-clockwise which is my preferred direction.

This could be pretty awesome. :-)

So come on out and cheer on orange and blue. We usually have guys in all three races, I’ll be in the 6pm.

ByrneInvent Road Race, Vance Creek 4-27-08

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Damn. We throw a good road race.

I didn’t get to race the afternoon because I forgot to leave a key out for Ro. She was coming back from Vegas in the afternoon and the times just didn’t match up correctly.


I did, however, get to work the morning races and drove lead car for the women cat 3. Julie got 3rd! I was screaming at her through my rearview mirror to kick up the last 300 as the girl they dropped at 1k was coming back up to them. She did great!

Sidenote/rant: Listen folks, if you get dropped from your pack and have another races lead car behind you laying on the horn to get out of the way on narrow roads… GET OUT OF THE F’ING WAY! Don’t flip me off, don’t sit there and chatter with your other dropped buddies, move over. The womens cat 3 break was HAMMERING on those narrow farm roads and you affected their racing.

Anyway, I took a ton of pictures that can be found here

Congrats to the masters AB for dominating and Greg K for 6th in the cat 3!

Green Valley Time Trial

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Basically, I got done and I didn’t feel like I did anything.

Because I didn’t. :-)

I have figured out why I don’t do well in Time Trials… I ride them like a road race. I conserve, conserve, conserve and then gun it with a mile to go. My Polar download proves it. I averaged 22.4 mph for the first 10-1/2 miles and I never felt bad and then ramped it up to 32 mph for the last mile.


I don’t have the brain for the TT, which is why I guess I keep doing them. Someday I’m gonna get it right.

On the drive home Jeff D kept saying how his legs were cramping up and he couldn’t stand. My legs felt like I just woke up.

I need to work on that.

Friday Musical Interlude *special edition*

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Music I grew up to… Songs that I remember my parents playing when I was growing up.

These are actually pretty funny.

Roger Whitaker – New World in the Morning.

The Nylons – Happy Together

James Taylor – Fire and Rain

Vangelis- Blade Runner

and finally… yes, my dad was a super fan…

Buster Poindexter – Hot Hot Hot

Hahahaha! Love it!

Stay beautiful-

Seward Crit 4-24-08

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Photo by Evan Snyder

Bike – Cannondale R2000 50-34 x 11-23 Spinergy Wheels

Race food – 3 shot blocks, bottle of water

Great Race, a little slower than the last couple Seward crits but I think it’s because everyone is still a little tired from Walla Walla. I stayed mid pack for almost all race and moved up with 8 laps to go.Greg fell back a bit and I took 3rd wheel behind Tom W from Garage and when he jumped I went with him. We both faded a little on the hill and I sat back down until I heard Greg Yell at me to go, I looked behind us and we actually had a bigger gap than I thought. I shot up the hill and hit the hairpin with Tom but the hesitation had cost me, the pack caught us on the downhill and I faded to the back.

Oh well.

Dan H ended up with the win, Greg got 3rd.

Evan took some great shots and it was pretty cool to have this flash going off as the pack passed him. I heard a couple people comment about it and how cool it was. You can check out all of his photography on his Flickr

Yup, that’s my brother :-)

Short Week/ Long Week and…. Penis.

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It was Tuesday yesterday. Swear to god. I thought it was Tuesday all day long until someone asked me if I was racing Seward Crit Tomorrow.

Tomorrow? Seward is on Thursday.

Tomorrow IS Thursday.


So that means TODAY is Thursday and yes I WILL be racing Seward at 6. I thought about doing the 5:30 and the 6 but every time I do the 5:30 I almost end up on my face with my bike in the bushes.

So 6 it is.

Should be a nice day so if you don’t feel like sitting in traffic and want to catch a race, come out and cheer for your favorite set of shaved legs… Or Greg the hairy beast.

Speaking of Greg, went over to his house last night to drop of SK’s TT bike and ended up sitting for a spell and sipping on a nice chilled wine and enjoying a GREAT sharp Danish gouda cheese with some crackers with Todd and Greg. I needed that.

Just like I needed today to be Thursday.

“Todd… say penis”


“c’mon… just once. Say Penis”




Yup… 30 something year olds, eating cheese, drinking wine and acting 12.

Love it.

The Eyes have it.

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Beautiful Girl…

A couple of things-

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I have slacked off over the past two weeks on my Musical interlude. I’ll make it up this weekend with a special edition.

Sorry yo.

My mom just told my that my Uncle Rob and my Cousin Ken are reading my blog. Hi guys! I haven’t seen either of them since after my father passed 10 years ago. Ken and I are close to the same age, he’s just a couple years ahead of me and has a beautiful family. Rob was my fathers older brother and his sense of humor matches mine I have been told. A little dry, a little out of left field but funny none the less. I wish I could communicate with both of them more often but alas, they are both Redskins fans. C’mon guys, that’s SO 1980’s!

Really though – Rob, Ken and my other cousin Matt (along with my mom and Evan ) are my last connections to my father and I wish so much that we could get together again soon.

I do miss them very much.

Work has been going well. We have had a lull the past few weeks on actual electrical construction so the BUYING part of my job has slowed but the BIDDING and QUOTING part is through the god damn roof. I feel like I have quoted over 500 million dollars of work over the past week. IT’s geeting to the point that I am dreaming budget numbers again! It’s good though I guess because the rest of the country’s construction is really in the toilet.

My brother and I went out for lunch today at World Wraps at REI in Seattle. I was pretty happy to get some time off and go down to see him. It sucks that I am always SO busy about noon because I would love to have lunch with him or Rosanna so much more. I guess when I start riding my bike to work (if the winter weather EVER goes away) I will be doing less and less of that so I need to take advantage of the vehicle and do it more often. Chicken Ceaser wrap…. YUM!

That’s it, Ro just got home and it’s time to make dinner and have a beer.

Stay Beautiful!


Orange and Blue…

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Click to enlarge…

Tour of Walla Walla Race Report and photos

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God Awful but so much fun. In fact, normally getting almost last place in a Time Trial would bum me out for days, I was only upste for a few hours. It was seriously hard with the head wind and I really am not the best Time Trialist in the world. It was just a stepping stone to the next stage…

Road Race started out GREAT. in the first 5 miles Carter jumped off the front. I stationed myself exactlt where we all decided we should be, 5th wheel, no work and just make sure the favorites don’t go away. We needed to protect Dustin and Greg. Tony popped up about mile 10 and relieved me and I dropped back to Greg. All of a suddedn the pack scatters across boh sides of the road and I think there is a crash, nope, 2 dogs chasing riders. we gwt back to the task at hand and hit the right hand turn to head back to Waitsburg and I pick a bad line. Dustin and Greg move up about 8 spots and I’m stuck on the left side in the wind. Luckily Kurt Brown is right next to me so I have a teammate, I’m not the only one stuck back there. I was able to make my way to the right side of the road out of the wind through the accordian of the rollers and we get to the gradual uphill before the fast downhill. I reach down to grab my water and I hook bars with the guy next to me. I panic, he panics and we end up face first in the ditch.


The guy is SCREAMING at me. Rightfully so since it was my fault but instead of yelling back I pull my bike out and get the chain back up and hop on to catch up. The group we dropped earlier caught up to me and we all headed for the downhill

Of course as was already said, I FLEW down that hill. All I could think of was catching back to the group. As I got to the bottom and swung to the left I realized that NO ONE was with me and with a head wind and the pack making the right hairpin with a tailwind I knew it was over for me. I tried my best to catch them all the way to town but by the time I made it to the base of the hill they were already half way up.

You know, my 10k trying to catch was WAY faster than my TT :-)

I decided to finish the hill and turn my number in at the top. My stage race was officially over, I would not be racing the crit the next day.

The Byrne Cat 3 mens squad did not have a great day. Myself, Tony and Dustin had to pull out, Greg and Kurt were able to finish well and they moved on to the crit Sunday.

Brad and Kurt A did well all weekend as well as the Byrne Women (Suzie K was 2nd GC!) I think racing aside we all had a great time together the place we stayed at was great and having Rosanna and Elizabeth there kicked ass.

Great times :-)

Pictures- click for the larger version.

All the other pictures can be found at the Jet City Velo/ ByrneInvent Flickr Site here- www.flickr.com/photos/jetcityvelo/sets

If you would like me to send you a copy of the original, shoot me an email with the photo tag.

Stay Beautiful!

For two of my friends…

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For two of my friends who seem to be having a rough time of it as of late.

“All you need is love” is a lie ’cause
We had a love but we still said goodbye
Now we’re tired, battered fighters

And it stings when it nobody’s fault cause there’s
Nothing to blame At the drop of your name
It’s only the air you took and the breath you left

So maybe I’ll sleep inside my coat and
Wait on your porch ’til you come back home
Oh, right
I can’t find a flight
So I’ll check the weather wherever you are
Cause I wanna know if you can see the stars tonight
It might be my only right

I called
I just
Need to feel you on the line
Don’t hang up this time
And I know it was me who called it over but
I still wish you’d fought me ‘til Your dying day
Don’t let me get away

Cause I can’t wait to figure out what’s wrong with me
So I can say ‘this is the way that I used to be
There’s no substitute for time
Or for the sadness

Tour of Walla Walla 2008

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I’m alive, kind of.

Race report and photo’s will be up soon.

Quickly though, I didn’t finish. I crashed at mile 26 of the road race and spent the next 10 trying to catch the pack. I did set a new speed record for myself on the downhill into Waitsburg…

Yes, it’s calibrated, yes I had a good tailwind and yes I was pissing myself when I did it.

I pulled off at the top of the hill and turned in my number. Another 36 miles by myself would be worthless.

Like I said, Race report to follow-

The non pitter patter of little paws….

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Ro and I just dropped the dogs off at the dog sitters (thanks John!) about an hour ago and I miss them already. Not in the way you think though.

I just farted and I have no one to blame it on.

Wait! The cat! Damn you Sam! You stink!

Whew… That was close.

Really though, it feels odd. I know John loves Annabelle and Maggie very much and I know there won’t be any problems. I’m just not away from my dogs for this long very often.

Now it’s time to concentrate on racing.

G’night, girls. Be good.

Two days till ToWW

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Tour of Walla Walla Stage Race. This is (I think) my only stage race of the year since I will miss Enumclaw. I have geared my entire year of training for this weekend. Every step of my winter and early spring has been for these two days.

And I’m scared as hell.

Last year’s ToWW I did OK, I was really just geared up for the Road Race. I just rode through the TT without pushing myself and I didn’t finish the crit (THAT’S a good story for another time!) I went to Walla Walla in 2007 hoping to have a great road race, and I did, until the last 3k when I blew up. I finished a minute and thirty seconds down after being with the lead group as we made the final turn to the finish. I was still happy but not ecstatic. I should have dne better.

This year is different. I am not just racing for myself, I am racing for my teammates. We have two potential GC guys that we need to kill ourselves for as well as top team ranking.

I expect nothing less than the best from us this weekend. No excuses, No whining, No giving up.

We are going to win this weekend and I’ll push myself to passing out to help make that happen.

Last night Ro and I had our ToWW team and wives/girlfriends over for a spaghetti feed and a chat on tactics. It wasn’t a long talk. Between mouthfulls of pasta and sips of wine or beer we all joked about races past and stupid stuff that Brian has done and the during lull in conversation Dustin casually announced that we were going to win.

And he’s right.

I figured it out…

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It took a few hours but it’s Smashing Pumpkins… Galapagos

Ain’t it funny how we pretend we’re still a child
Softly stolen under our blanket skies
And rescue me from me, and all that I believe
I won’t deny the pain
I won’t deny the change
And should I fall from grace here with you
Will you leave me too?

Carve out your heart for keeps in an old oak tree
And hold me for goodbyes-and whispered lullabyes
And tell me I am still
The man I’m supposed to be
I won’t deny the pain
I won’t deny the change
And should I fall from grace here with you
Will you leave me too?

**This is the part that was stuck in my head**

Too late to turn to turn back now, I’m running out of sound
And I’m changing, changing
And if we died right now, this fool you loved somehow
Is here with you
I won’t deny the pain
I won’t deny the change
And should I fall from grace here with you
Would you leave me too?

Phew… Thank god THAT’S over!


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Ugh.  Make it stop… PLEASE.

I have had this song stuck in my head since about 2 in the morning.  I think it’s a chorus or a bridge that just keeps looping through my brain and two things are wrong with that.

1.  I can’t figure out what the song is


2.  I can’t hum more than that one loop.

I’ll keep you all updated if I figure it out.


Brad Lewis Memorial Crit – 4-13-08

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I was planning on doing this race but due to weather conditions I chose not to and took pictures instead. My Teamates however have larger balls than I do so they proceeded to pound the crap out of the competition as usual.


Toni B.

Brad K. letting us know he just got his FOURTH prime of the day, right before he sprinted for First place over all.

Greg K.



More pictures of this weekends racing can be found at www.flickr.com/photos/jetcityvelo/sets

Walla Walla Stage race coming up this next weekend.

Paris – Roubaix *SPOILER*

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I called it. Should have put money down. In fact, I picked the top 3, just a tad out of order.

God damn Tom Boonen is a f’n freight train.

1 Tom Boonen (Bel) Quick Step
2 Fabian Cancellara (Swi) Team CSC
3 Alessandro Ballan (Ita) Lampre
4 Martyn Maaskant (Ned) Slipstream Chipotle – H30
5 Stuart O’Grady (Aus) Team CSC
6 Leif Hoste (Bel) Silence-Lotto
7 Stijn Devolder (Bel) Quick Step
8 Johan Van Summeren (Bel) Silence-Lotto
9 George Hincapie (USA) High Road
10 Fabio Baldato (Ita) Lampre

tommeke tommeke tommeke tommeke tommeke


Volunteer Park Crit 4/12/08

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Here’s the short version:

First real crit as a 3.

Started well

Ended up at the back.

Got dropped.

Oh well.

Today was super hard and I have no excuse other than I haven’t done a single interval since last year and boy can I feel it. What a wake up call.

Evan showed up to watch and take pictures which was way cool. I wish I could have done better just to justify his drive out there but what can I do?

Pictures to follow.

Seward Park 4-10-08

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Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 (Q-rings) x 11-21 Ksyrium SL wheels.

Race Food – Water, Gu Shot.

What Brian Learned Today.  Warm up is critical.  No, strike that… a GOOD warm up is critical, especially when you haven’t had a substantial ride in a week.  I was in the middle or sitting on the back struggling for the first 15 laps last night.  Side stitch, cramped legs, sore back, you name it and I had it.  I felt pretty bad that Dustin, Greg, Tony and Brad were doing a ton of work while I was doing my best just to hang on.  When we dipped under 10 laps to go a suddenly felt better and pushed my way up to the front next to Greg and on the Prime lap drove the pack to the line with Dustin and as we crossed and slowed Greg shot off on the left hand side with two others.  Perfect move!  With 2 laps to go Greg and the other two had 10 seconds on the pack and I knew that if it came down to an uphill sprint Greg would have it in the bag.

And he did.  Greg K with the win!

Dustin got 6th and the rest of us finished pretty much in the middle.  I can’t say I am happy with my ENTIRE race but I’m glad I was able to turn it around.

This weekend is starting to look really good!  I have pretty much decided I am racing both days.  If you see me there, smack me in the face and tell me to warm up, unless I AM warming up, then just smack me.  If you all aren’t doing anything Saturday or Sunday afternoon come on out to watch some great racing.  Saturday at Volunteer Park on Capital Hill and Sunday at Boat Street in the U-District.

Now… It’s time to go to work.


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I just realized I’m going to be married to this girl in less than 2 months…

Lucky guy ;-)

Tuesday…. Pacific Raceways.

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Wow wow weewa!

I moved my bike twice today. From the living room into the game room and then down to my shop. Sooo PHEW, I’m tired.

I don’t think I have gotten over being sick. I feel like I have had this cough for a month and I still wake up in a sea of mucus. Gag!

I took tonight off and didn’t go to PR which is good because the view south from where I sit (on top of West Seattle in Fauntleroy) was crappy with the black clouds and the wind whipping down the street. I hope everyone was safe though.

I do plan on racing Seward this Thursday to prepare for the weekend. Saturday is Volunteer Park crit and Sunday is Boat Street. I plan on taking pictures at Volunteer but I will be racing Sunday. If any of you folks (five?) who read my blog want to come see some great racing and a completely kick ass atmosphere, Boat Street, officially The Brad Lewis memorial criterium, is the place to be. It’s out front of Recycled Cycles bike shop on Boat Street in the U-District. You should really try to get there!

OK, time to weigh tmyself, swallow my 500 vitamins and hit the hay.

Stay Beautiful!


Sunday 4-6-08

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Let me guess, you all think I rode my bike today.


I did move it out of the way a couple of times though.

I killed a half rack of PBR and rewired my house. Yup, Alcohol and electricity, yipee! It’s only 120 volts though, just a tickle.

mmmmm…. beer,

Saturday 4-5-08

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The passing of a friend does more than hold your heart hostage, it brings the ones that loved her together, some of which haven’t seen each other in 10 years.


I normally have so much to say, I feel like I have typed paragraph after paragraph only to delete it all and start over again.

I just can’t say anymore, I wish I could.

Friday Musical Interlude 4-4-08

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The Flaming Lips!

Does ANYONE have has much fun as they do? They are so flamboyant, talented and completely out of their minds and I love them!

Do you Realize?

Yoshimi battles the Pink Robots (live)

Covering Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. *Fantastic*

Seward Park Crit 4-3-08

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Ahhhh, another year of Seward Park Thursday night crits. Tonight was the first night for 08, always a good time (unless it’s raining) as long as you stay close to the front. If you get past rider 20-25 you get to play bumper pool with the wobbly guys.

Bike – Cannondale R2000 50-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium wheels.

Race food – couple of shot blocks and a bottle of water

I was a little wary at the beginning as I’ve been having gut problems all day (do you WANT to hear about my bowel problems? Too late!) and thought I would have to make an exit stage right before the finish but luckily that didn’t happen. I latched onto Brian E’s wheel from garag and pretty much shadowed him for the race, staying in the top 15, taking a couple pulls. A couple guys got away but we caught them before the first prime lap. Greg is racing strong right now, I think he did a lot of work tonight, which was his goal I am sure. Great training. Dustin Nailed the 2nd Prime and won $10 and a water bottle, Sweet! No socks! I got 3rd in the final prime, I jumped across the gap to catch the 2 guys off the front and didn’t realize how far away they were , I caught them just as they got to the line so no merch for this guy. There were 4 laps to go when I got caught and I sank to the back of the pack just wanting to ride the group to the finish but I was able to recover a bit faster than I thought I would and gained some ground for the last lap.

All in all it was good. I feel I did well and did everything I wanted to. Next week I’ll do a little more work up front with Greg and Dustin, hopefully Brad, Tony and John can come out and play too :-)

Nice job fellas, that was fun.