Seward Park Crit 4-3-08

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Ahhhh, another year of Seward Park Thursday night crits. Tonight was the first night for 08, always a good time (unless it’s raining) as long as you stay close to the front. If you get past rider 20-25 you get to play bumper pool with the wobbly guys.

Bike – Cannondale R2000 50-34 x 11-21 Ksyrium wheels.

Race food – couple of shot blocks and a bottle of water

I was a little wary at the beginning as I’ve been having gut problems all day (do you WANT to hear about my bowel problems? Too late!) and thought I would have to make an exit stage right before the finish but luckily that didn’t happen. I latched onto Brian E’s wheel from garag and pretty much shadowed him for the race, staying in the top 15, taking a couple pulls. A couple guys got away but we caught them before the first prime lap. Greg is racing strong right now, I think he did a lot of work tonight, which was his goal I am sure. Great training. Dustin Nailed the 2nd Prime and won $10 and a water bottle, Sweet! No socks! I got 3rd in the final prime, I jumped across the gap to catch the 2 guys off the front and didn’t realize how far away they were , I caught them just as they got to the line so no merch for this guy. There were 4 laps to go when I got caught and I sank to the back of the pack just wanting to ride the group to the finish but I was able to recover a bit faster than I thought I would and gained some ground for the last lap.

All in all it was good. I feel I did well and did everything I wanted to. Next week I’ll do a little more work up front with Greg and Dustin, hopefully Brad, Tony and John can come out and play too :-)

Nice job fellas, that was fun.

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  • Your boy Dustin needs to ride like a 3 instead of a 5.

    Anonymous — April 4, 2008 at 6:48 pm
  • OK, instead of posting “anonymous” type your name instead of talking out your ass. “my boy” took the prime right?

    Sheesh people…

    Brian — April 4, 2008 at 6:49 pm
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