Two days till ToWW

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Tour of Walla Walla Stage Race. This is (I think) my only stage race of the year since I will miss Enumclaw. I have geared my entire year of training for this weekend. Every step of my winter and early spring has been for these two days.

And I’m scared as hell.

Last year’s ToWW I did OK, I was really just geared up for the Road Race. I just rode through the TT without pushing myself and I didn’t finish the crit (THAT’S a good story for another time!) I went to Walla Walla in 2007 hoping to have a great road race, and I did, until the last 3k when I blew up. I finished a minute and thirty seconds down after being with the lead group as we made the final turn to the finish. I was still happy but not ecstatic. I should have dne better.

This year is different. I am not just racing for myself, I am racing for my teammates. We have two potential GC guys that we need to kill ourselves for as well as top team ranking.

I expect nothing less than the best from us this weekend. No excuses, No whining, No giving up.

We are going to win this weekend and I’ll push myself to passing out to help make that happen.

Last night Ro and I had our ToWW team and wives/girlfriends over for a spaghetti feed and a chat on tactics. It wasn’t a long talk. Between mouthfulls of pasta and sips of wine or beer we all joked about races past and stupid stuff that Brian has done and the during lull in conversation Dustin casually announced that we were going to win.

And he’s right.

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