Tour of Walla Walla Race Report and photos

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God Awful but so much fun. In fact, normally getting almost last place in a Time Trial would bum me out for days, I was only upste for a few hours. It was seriously hard with the head wind and I really am not the best Time Trialist in the world. It was just a stepping stone to the next stage…

Road Race started out GREAT. in the first 5 miles Carter jumped off the front. I stationed myself exactlt where we all decided we should be, 5th wheel, no work and just make sure the favorites don’t go away. We needed to protect Dustin and Greg. Tony popped up about mile 10 and relieved me and I dropped back to Greg. All of a suddedn the pack scatters across boh sides of the road and I think there is a crash, nope, 2 dogs chasing riders. we gwt back to the task at hand and hit the right hand turn to head back to Waitsburg and I pick a bad line. Dustin and Greg move up about 8 spots and I’m stuck on the left side in the wind. Luckily Kurt Brown is right next to me so I have a teammate, I’m not the only one stuck back there. I was able to make my way to the right side of the road out of the wind through the accordian of the rollers and we get to the gradual uphill before the fast downhill. I reach down to grab my water and I hook bars with the guy next to me. I panic, he panics and we end up face first in the ditch.


The guy is SCREAMING at me. Rightfully so since it was my fault but instead of yelling back I pull my bike out and get the chain back up and hop on to catch up. The group we dropped earlier caught up to me and we all headed for the downhill

Of course as was already said, I FLEW down that hill. All I could think of was catching back to the group. As I got to the bottom and swung to the left I realized that NO ONE was with me and with a head wind and the pack making the right hairpin with a tailwind I knew it was over for me. I tried my best to catch them all the way to town but by the time I made it to the base of the hill they were already half way up.

You know, my 10k trying to catch was WAY faster than my TT :-)

I decided to finish the hill and turn my number in at the top. My stage race was officially over, I would not be racing the crit the next day.

The Byrne Cat 3 mens squad did not have a great day. Myself, Tony and Dustin had to pull out, Greg and Kurt were able to finish well and they moved on to the crit Sunday.

Brad and Kurt A did well all weekend as well as the Byrne Women (Suzie K was 2nd GC!) I think racing aside we all had a great time together the place we stayed at was great and having Rosanna and Elizabeth there kicked ass.

Great times :-)

Pictures- click for the larger version.

All the other pictures can be found at the Jet City Velo/ ByrneInvent Flickr Site here-

If you would like me to send you a copy of the original, shoot me an email with the photo tag.

Stay Beautiful!

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  • great job, Brian, tough race. Nice pictures too, you have a real talent there. Look forward to racing a lot with you this year.

    Brad — April 22, 2008 at 9:34 am
  • Not to mention that we all got a good bit of color while western WA got dumped with snow and hail. Yay us!

    jillita — April 22, 2008 at 10:01 pm
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