A couple of things-

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I have slacked off over the past two weeks on my Musical interlude. I’ll make it up this weekend with a special edition.

Sorry yo.

My mom just told my that my Uncle Rob and my Cousin Ken are reading my blog. Hi guys! I haven’t seen either of them since after my father passed 10 years ago. Ken and I are close to the same age, he’s just a couple years ahead of me and has a beautiful family. Rob was my fathers older brother and his sense of humor matches mine I have been told. A little dry, a little out of left field but funny none the less. I wish I could communicate with both of them more often but alas, they are both Redskins fans. C’mon guys, that’s SO 1980’s!

Really though – Rob, Ken and my other cousin Matt (along with my mom and Evan ) are my last connections to my father and I wish so much that we could get together again soon.

I do miss them very much.

Work has been going well. We have had a lull the past few weeks on actual electrical construction so the BUYING part of my job has slowed but the BIDDING and QUOTING part is through the god damn roof. I feel like I have quoted over 500 million dollars of work over the past week. IT’s geeting to the point that I am dreaming budget numbers again! It’s good though I guess because the rest of the country’s construction is really in the toilet.

My brother and I went out for lunch today at World Wraps at REI in Seattle. I was pretty happy to get some time off and go down to see him. It sucks that I am always SO busy about noon because I would love to have lunch with him or Rosanna so much more. I guess when I start riding my bike to work (if the winter weather EVER goes away) I will be doing less and less of that so I need to take advantage of the vehicle and do it more often. Chicken Ceaser wrap…. YUM!

That’s it, Ro just got home and it’s time to make dinner and have a beer.

Stay Beautiful!


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