Giro Stage 18 Spoiler.

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The definition of bad ass?


The guy has got a set of stones in that sack of his.

Pacific Raceways 5-27-08

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Went out to watch the team at Pacific Raceways tonight. Everyone did awesome!

I’ll be there soon guys!

All pictures can be found at the Jet City Velo Flickr site

Here are a few, click to enlarge-





Cat 1-2-3 chase

Training Ride 5-24-08 to Sno-falls

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Home – Leschi – Snoqualmie Falls – GK’s house. 85 miles

Bike BMC SL01 51-35 Q-rings x 11-23 Spinergy Wheels

Breakfast – Boiled potato, cottage cheese, water

Ride food – 1 large bottle of Exceed, 1 small bottle of Accelerade (then 2 more bottles of water) 2 gu shots, bag of shotblocks half of a power bar.

It is 100% evident I am out of race shape. Amazing how quickly you lose form. That and I just had a bad day. It happens.

I felt absolutely miserable from the second we left Leschi. My legs were tight, my heart rate was through the roof and I just felt like poop. I thought that by the time we got out of Issaquah I would start to feel better but I got dropped going up Sunset. Thanks to Brad dropping back to pull me up the hill! Later Tony did the same thing on Black Nugget, dropping back to make sure I was ok. I just couldn’t get the body moving. Tony split off to head on home and I really should have gone with him but Ames Lake just puts me in the dirt so I followed the guys up to the falls, where again I got dropped. When we stopped at the visitor center I got off the bike and sat on the ground. I was shaking, cramping and I was quickly going into bonk mode. The guys let me fuel up a bit and them we headed on down and on 202 I bonked HARD. Dustin, Greg and Brad took turns pulling me back up to the others and all I could do was feel miserable for destroying the ride for them. We hit the trail and headed north around the lake and I started to feel a little better. My gu shots were starting to kick in and I felt a little cooler so I tucked behind Greg until we got to Redhook and I blew sky high. Greg told me to just head towards his house and I grunted an “ok” because there was NO WAY I was going to make it home. 3 miles from Greg’s house I went into full on cramps. My quads siezed, my hamstring balled up painfully in my right leg and I was barely moving at 8 miles an hour. We hit the house and it was instant relief. Greg fed me and I stretched and massaged my leg, called Rosanna and told her I wasn’t dead and them he drove me home.

So now here I sit, 3 glasses of water down, 2 PB&J sandwiches eaten and a nap to come. You might think reading this that I had an awful time. Sure, it hurt really, really bad but something was very evident. I have the greatest friends around. The helped me when I needed it the most and I hope all of them know I would do the same thing for them.

Today’s ride was for my father. All the suffering I did today was nothing compared to what he went through those few years he fought his Gorilla. Love you Dad. You would have loved what we did today, I know it.

** Sidenote- to the Man and Woman in the silver Mustang. I didn’t mind you yelling at us going into Issaquah, or even trying to swerve into us to make us move over. When you tried to spit on us but it came back into your face (ever pissed in the wind?) it was pretty funny. What really pissed me off was you calling the cops on us saying we spit on you. Too bad the Police Officer (who was SUPER NICE by the way) saw through your BS story. You have issues. Next time? Just go around!

I’m out. Love You All

Leonard Paul Snyder / 5-24-1998

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This Saturday will mark the 10 year anniversary of my father passing.

Dad was a strong quiet man, a provider and protector. He was very careful about how he did things, always reading, observing, studying and then addicted to whatever it was he was pursuing. Very determined and to the point, when dad set out to do something he would never waver and 98% of the time came out on top.

Way before we became a bunch of health crazed bike riding nut jobs, My dad was a pack a day smoker. That is until he realized he was killing himself and his family so he threw the cartons away, woke up the next morning and never smoked again. It was all about succeeding to him.

I remember the day my father went on his first bike ride. He left the house on a brand new Schwinn High Sierra and set out for an “Around the Golf Course” loop that I think was maybe a 5 mile ride. He came back 45 minutes later, red faced- half way to a stroke and staggering to the shower. The next week he bought his first pair of “real” cycling shorts and never looked back. He was a member of Cascade, Tacoma Wheelmen and his own club at work Team N.E.D (Nuclear Engineering Dept.) He racked up the rides, STP 1 day, RAMROD, Daffodil, PMC and many others and went on to buy a tandem that we all (Mom, Evan and myself) stoked on but it was with mom that he found the most fun riding with at multiple tandem rallies across the area.

In late 1994, My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was a shock to say the least. I mean, prostate cancer is an “Old Mans Disease”, right? Dad was only 46! With the same determination he charged headlong into the fight. Pouring over articles and online support groups he was very involved with his own treatment. The occasional cry over an AT&T commercial or a trip to a Sears White Sale (due to hormonal therapy) brought a bit of levity to the situation and dad did keep a sense of humor through it all.

Though he fought hard the next few years, he lost his battle in our home on May 24th 1998.

Dad is in our thoughts everyday. He is and always will be part of our lives. Every time I ride he is right next to me reminding me to keep my elbows bent and to always try the hardest I can at everything I do. Evan has some great memories too that we always gravitate to whenever we hang out.

We love you dad… keep on riding.

2008 Ride of Silence.

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Great showing from the Byrne squad at the Seattle Ride of Silence. Very odd to ride 12 miles with so many people and not hear a word. A few miles remembering all of those who have lost their life while riding. Took me back to my accident a few years ago.


Damn, I still don’t realize how lucky I really am.

So glad Rosanna joined us too!

Great time with some fantastic folks.

Pictures up here on the Jet City Velo Flickr.

** Update- I have recieved a few emails regarding this ride as a “Critical Mass” ride. It was NOT, never has been or as any affiliation with Critical Mass. This was a memorial ride for those that have been hit/ killed and to advertise the bike as a mainstay on the roads of Seattle. We followed the rules of the road, stopped at every stop light, stayed in one lane and were courteous to our driving folk. In my opinion, Critical Mass does NOTHING for the advancement of the everyday cyclist and (you ready for this?) a bunch of low level d-bags that need to ride themselves off of a cliff. That is all. **


Mid Week Musical Interlude….

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Back in 6th grade I played the trumpet. In fact, I rocked the trumpet, 1st chair out of 6! I followed in the footsteps of my father who played in High School and at the University of Maryland. I even got to use his trumpet and although I had to carry it to school in it’s ugly brown case when all the kids had cool new black rental cases, I look back at how awesome it was to play such a classic trumpet. I think we may still have it somewhere and I have, from time to time, wanted to get it back out and give my fingers a whirl.

I’ve always loved the sound of the trumpet… or any horn for that matter and in the lat 70’s there was a man who somehow meshed the horn with not just Jazz but disco and easy listening (all at the same time!).

And that man is Chuck Mangione. Shazaam!

Now sit back, have a sip of your favorite liquor and crank up the tunes-

* Feels So Good *

I must admit that in this video, it’s not just Chuck who is rocking but the guitarist and sax are just plain SICK. LOVE IT!

* Children of Sanchez *

* Land of Make Believe *

Stay Beautiful!


Wenatchee- WA State Championship Omnium 2008

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The Omnium went well. I think the high temps played with our minds a little bit as we spent a good 20 minutes driving around in the evening looking for some place to get an ice cream cone. We ended up hitting Safeway and buying a couple tubs of it.

The next day we saw Dairy Queen and a Baskin Robbins right next to our hotel.


All the guys and gals on the Byrne squad absolutely kicked ass. That’s SUCH a brutal race and to add in the heat that none of us really train in, it’s that much harder.

I didn’t race, as most of you know I can’t until after the wedding but I did go to ride the TT and then support my team at the crit and the road race. It’s fun being a spectator. I don’t realize how much stress is in the air pre-race!

Pictures below-

All Pictures can be seen here

Next stop… Enumclaw Omnium!

This Day in History.

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Skipping out of the Friday Musical Interlude today.

Jim Henson Passed away on this day in 1990.

“Follow your enthusiasm. It’s something I’ve always believed in. Find those parts of you life you enjoy the most. Do what you enjoy doing.” -Jim Henson

Two Words, Statler and Waldorf. (My heros)

Have any memories of The muppets? Was it the Muppet show? The Muppet Movies? The Dark Crystal or the Labyrinth?

Thank you Jim… for all that you did.

In the words of the Swedish Chef, Mmm BORK BORK BORK!

When There Aren’t Dwarfs to Toss…

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I hate when my chain breaks while I’m sprinting for the win.

Nice toss Dave!

Tales of a Scorched Ass

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Well, not yet at least but I see a burning butt for yours truly in the near future.

I chugged on over to Sunni Terryaki on Greenwood for lunch today for some fried kitty-cat. I normally get the Chicken Gyoza but went for the T-6 Chicken Terryaki, rice and salad.

I like to change it up. I’m cool like that.

Now when I got back to the office and popped the top off of my cancer causing, enviro-unfriendly styro top, the bright red glow from the top of my chicken (cat) made my butt pucker. 2 tons of Sriracha Sauce. They gave me the SPICY version.

I’ve been in this situation before and man it hurt.

So what do I do? Do I take it back? No, not enough time. Pawn it off on someone else and eat plain bread? Nope. I scarfed that chicken as fast as I could. Like a starving man in the dessert I dove into that thing with the hopes of getting everything down in my stomach before I could feel the burn. It did not work.

All of a sudden I was back in boot camp, gas mask over my head in the chamber trying to sing “Anchors Away” while tear gas is making my face explode. I am still sweating now with drops falling onto my keyboard. My nose won’t stop running and my already torn up throat (from an earlier attack by alcohol laden stomach acid)is trying to leap out of my neck.

The worst is to come. I know this.

Pray for my colon people.


Back On My Feet

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Wow that was a rough couple of days. I’m back in top for though (I think) though I plan on taking it easy on the liver for a bit. Still have a hard time looking at our bar at home, especially the tequilla bottle.

I’m pretty boring when I’m not racing. I don’t really feel like typing about my yard work or cleaning out the basement or the fact that since my rover is silver I don’t have to wash it (I just washed the wheels and it looks brand new!) Nope… All I want to do is to be able to race again.

Wait… I’m getting married soon!

The best part about the upcoming wedding, besides the fact that Ro and I will GET married, is all this ribbon, glass, candy, cards, baskets and green stuff will be out of my house! Just kidding. I can’t wait to have all my friends and family there. It’s going to be a blast. I sure wish my Uncle and Cousins could make it because I would love to see them but a completely understand. Have you SEEN the cost of plane tickets? Jesus.

This weekend is Wenatchee State Championship stage race and although I won’t be going to race I plan on helping my guys out in the feed zone with water and squirt guns. It’s going to be HOT up that climb, maybe even hotter than then when we were there 2 years ago and that was brutal. We’re taking a good crew over and am really excited to see the results.

Picture from the climb in 2006-

I’m out!

Weekend Wrap Up. The Bachelor Party.

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Dear Lord.

Here I sit on Sunday evening STILL suffering from Saturday night.

I’m sure there will be pictures somewhere soon.

Thanks guys for a great night and I am SO glad that none of you wrote all over my face with magic marker after I passed out.

That is true friendship :-)

How to Cook Rice.

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One of the first things I ever learned to cook.

bring 2 cups of water to a boil, add 1 cup white medium grain rice, a pinch of salt and a little butter. Turn it down to low, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Enjoy!

Last night I made rice. like this:

bring 2 cups of water to a boil, add 1 cup white medium grain rice, a pinch of salt and a little butter. Cover and cook for 20 minutes.

anyone notice the difference between the two?

Smoke alarm test! Test satisfactory.

Friday Musical Interlude 5-9-08

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Dashboard Confessional.

Everyone has a point in their life when one person tears their heart out, throws it on the floor, stomps on it, lights it on fire and then pisses on the ashes.


I sat in an empty house for hours playing their CD’s over and over. I was retarded.

I’m much better now, thank you. Obviously because I met Rosanna who is awesome in every way!

but I know you have been there too. It’s just life. :-)

The Best Deceptions

Saints and Sailors

Screaming Infidelities

So Long, So Long

Stay Beautiful-

For Those of You Counting….

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Thirty Days…

(for those of you “in the know”, yes this picture was in fact 20 minutes before the amazing TP act of Vantage campground)

Care to Comment?

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Work, work, work, work…

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Work is busy and frustratiing.

Very frustrating.

But I like it, so there. :-)

Aren’t you supposed to enjoy your job? Most people hate theirs and I don’t understand that one bit.

It Could Have Gone Better- Longbranch Road Race

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Yesterday was proof that not only do I have to be in shape but I need to be focused on the race. The legs were willing but unfortunately today I was a headcase.

Longbranch Road Race/ Senior State Championships

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 Qrings x 11-23 Spinergy Wheels

We got there a tad later than I wanted. I had a flat as we were rolling to the start line so I had to borrow a front wheel from Kurt Brown. A Junior from First Rate Slammed his brakes and swung right, hitting my front wheel and running me into the gravel. As we took the hard left turn and started down someone dropped a bottle after hitting a pothole and I ran straight over it, lost control and almost went down but thanks to me bouncing off a Cucina guy I stayed up.

This was all in the first 4-5 miles.

When we got to the first hill (which looks MASSIVE on the approach) I was close to the back of the pack and passed a few people on the way up but close to the top where it levels off the speed picked up, people started passing me and I couldn’t get back into my big ring.

I’m done. It’s not that I’m cooked, I have the legs. It’s just I don’t FEEL like racing. Does that make any sense?

I look behind me at the 10 guys who got shelled and asked if they want to get back on. about 8 of them turn around to go back to the start. The others just grunt and coast along. I’m officially on a bike ride now. One of the guys said he got a flat right after the turn and he’s just going to ride the course and go have a beer. I was all about that.

Greg, RC, Kurt and Brad all finished the race. Corrie got dropped on the second lap. He said he just didn’t have the legs up the hill and got popped on the feed as well as a whole bunch of folks. I think Greg was in the top 10, not sure about that and RC and Kurt were mid pack. Brad was most impressive by absolutely killing himself on his first cat 3 race as well as his longest road race of the season so far. Very impressive, nice job Dr. Death!

The big story was the rider from Avanti who went off with 2 to go and stuck it. That’s a HARD course to be by yourself on for ONE lap, let alone TWO. Martha… auto-upgrade that guy. WOW.

So this is officially (again) the last time I will see a race until June 10th at Pacific Raceways. I will now return to training mode, it’s off to Cougar Mountain.

Stay Beautiful!

One More…

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I got a reprive from the “No Race” clause in my pre wedding contract. Rosanna is letting me race the Longbranch Sr Road Championship today over on the Penninsula.

I did well at this race last year. A respectful 17th considering I almost got dropped on the last lap. Thank God for Jeff Spaulding who yelled at me to stay on his wheel. I was cross eyed coming across the finish line as I showed off my nonexistant sprint. I was third wheel at 200 meters and got my doors blown off. I promptly threw up.

SO here we go… 2 more laps then last year. We will have 5 guys going this morning and I can’t wait. :-)

Race report to follow.

Seward Park Crit – 5-1-08

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Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 Q rings x 11-21 Ksyrium SL wheels

Race food – bottle of water, Gu shot.

I showed up a bit late and got a 6 mile warm up. I know… not much but I was hoping it wouldn’t be fast from the start so I wouldn’t get blown out the back.

Yeah right.

2 guys shot of the front on the very first lap and it was on for the next 24. I must say I hung on pretty well for the first ten, Tom Wick even came up to me and said I was maxing his computer HR out. His computer was picking up my HR and when I checked it out I was hitting 197. Guess I wasn’t really warmed up :-)

About lap 10 or 11 I was sprinting up the hill on the left side and must have caught some moss in the gutter because I lost ALL traction and spun out. I unclipped out of both pedals and bounced my twig and berries off my top tube (oh, I miss my compact frame) and heard all the groans and yells from the guys behind me.

I lost the pack but waited for them to catch me (Dave let me take a lap) and Greg let me in. With 6 to go Dan P, Greg and I hooked up to shadow Garage because we knew that Brian or Alex were going to go and just as we got done talking there was a massive surge to the right and Cucina shot off and everyone squeezed to the left into the turn and carnage ensued behind me. I heard bikes hit the ground and guys yelling and lost Brian E’s wheel. Greg was up front, Dan was to the right of me and it was a sea of Cucina in front of me. And so it was for the rest of the race.

Garage took 2 primes and 3rd (I think) and I was a little dissapointed with losing Brian’s wheel. I felt pretty damn good going into 5 laps to go.

But that’s racing.

And that’s my last race until Methow the weekend after my wedding. :-)

I need to train now.


May Day.

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1st of May.



May Day.

Aaaaah! May Day!  May Day!  May Day!



Don’t ask.  It didn’t make sense when I wrote it either.

It’s May 1st.  Welcome to it.