Mid Week Musical Interlude….

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Back in 6th grade I played the trumpet. In fact, I rocked the trumpet, 1st chair out of 6! I followed in the footsteps of my father who played in High School and at the University of Maryland. I even got to use his trumpet and although I had to carry it to school in it’s ugly brown case when all the kids had cool new black rental cases, I look back at how awesome it was to play such a classic trumpet. I think we may still have it somewhere and I have, from time to time, wanted to get it back out and give my fingers a whirl.

I’ve always loved the sound of the trumpet… or any horn for that matter and in the lat 70’s there was a man who somehow meshed the horn with not just Jazz but disco and easy listening (all at the same time!).

And that man is Chuck Mangione. Shazaam!

Now sit back, have a sip of your favorite liquor and crank up the tunes-

* Feels So Good *

I must admit that in this video, it’s not just Chuck who is rocking but the guitarist and sax are just plain SICK. LOVE IT!

* Children of Sanchez *

* Land of Make Believe *

Stay Beautiful!


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