2008 Ride of Silence.

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Great showing from the Byrne squad at the Seattle Ride of Silence. Very odd to ride 12 miles with so many people and not hear a word. A few miles remembering all of those who have lost their life while riding. Took me back to my accident a few years ago.


Damn, I still don’t realize how lucky I really am.

So glad Rosanna joined us too!

Great time with some fantastic folks.

Pictures up here on the Jet City Velo Flickr.

** Update- I have recieved a few emails regarding this ride as a “Critical Mass” ride. It was NOT, never has been or as any affiliation with Critical Mass. This was a memorial ride for those that have been hit/ killed and to advertise the bike as a mainstay on the roads of Seattle. We followed the rules of the road, stopped at every stop light, stayed in one lane and were courteous to our driving folk. In my opinion, Critical Mass does NOTHING for the advancement of the everyday cyclist and (you ready for this?) a bunch of low level d-bags that need to ride themselves off of a cliff. That is all. **


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