Happy Thursday

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Thursday’s are always great, it’s the Tuesdays that I could never really get the hang of.  Thursday traffic is for some reason always lighter than others, it’s one day away from a weekend and on normal weeks it would be a race down at Seward Park.

But not this week.

See, today is my Friday, and a half Friday at that.  Tonight is our Rehearsal Dinner for the wedding and with so much to do I decided to take the rest of the week off.  I teased Rosanna about wanting to race tonight if the weather turned a little better and she gave me the silent treatment.  Road rash 2 days before the wedding?  C’mon it’s not that bad.

So last night Ro and I headed down the street in Endolyne and ordered a giant mess of a Mexican meal.  Rosanna went for a margarita that ended up being the size of my head that I just HAD to take a sip of.  The second the tequila hit my lips my stomach did a back flip, convulsed and sputtered as flash backs of my Bachelor Party came rushing back.  Looks like I’m not fully recovered (still)

Stupid Tequila. 


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