The Aurora Adventures.

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My office is conviniently located on the corner of 125th and Aurora Ave N in sparkelingly beautiful north Seattle.  Unfortunately, Aurora Ave is the “armpit” of this area.  More nasty crap happens on the 3 mile stretch from Fremont to 145th than you can possibly imagine and today was no exception. 

I’m a huge fan of a Teryaki joint on 125th that’s not more than 1/4 mile up the road from us.  The family who runs the place is friendly, they make great food and you get free soup if you eat there. Good times!  Well, on the way back from picking up today’s lunch I was stopped at the Aurora/125th light and my passenger door opens.  I jump through the roof!  One of Aurora’s finest is trying to get into my car! I scream at her, “What the F*ck are you doing!” and she says that I have an appointment. 

“Appointment my ass!  Get the f*ck out of my car!”  I reach for the Buck I have in the back seat but she jumps out before I get to it.  She slammed the door and flipped me off.

I hit the door lock button.

I look in my rear view mirror and she is pounding on the passenger door of the car behind me.

God damn crazy hookers.

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  • No wonder she was late today, damn. I was starting to worry…

    Evan — June 11, 2008 at 11:50 am
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