Pain, Revisited – Capitol Crit.

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In two weeks we will all make the drive down to our State Capitol, Olympia for one of (in my mind) THE toughest crit courses we do all year.  Lots of corners, varying grade, narrow back streets and usually a lot of bodies.  It’s fast, excitinf, brutal and pretty dangerous if it rains.

Last years weather was fantastic and I was feeeling super strong.  Tony B and I started well, stayed at the front and on the first Prime lap I was hoping to tow T-man to the line but took the VERY inside line on the last turn and nailed not just my pedal but the entire crank on the ground, lifting me up and flipping the bike 180 degrees.  I took out a guy from wines and Recycled and just missed getting run over.

So starts the pain fest.

I spent the ENTIRE race trying to get back on.I caught a group that fell off the back, worked with them for a lap or so and they would dissapear behind me.  I think the closest I got was about 50 meters until they were primed again and then I just couldnt make it up to them.

I know EXACTLY when this picture was taken and the feeling in my stomach that I wasn’t goin to make was growing.  up until this point I really thought I could do it.

Two things I took home with me on that day.

  • Always, always, always take a lap.  you go down, you get a lap.
  • When the body says no and the mind says yes, listen to the mind.


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