Seward Park 6-12-08 and a Little Softball!

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Tonight was my first race since Longbranch and my first crit in a month and a half. Boy I felt it.

Bike – BMC SL01 51-35 q-rings x 11-21 Ksyrium SSC SL wheels

Ride food – bottle of Exceed and 2 shot blocks

Seward Park – 25 laps

The first 10 laps were perfect, I was comfortable, up front and right on Dan H who I wanted to shadow as long as I could because I knew I wasn’t in shape I just wanted to see how long I could stay at the front of the pack. The first Prime hurt and then Dave did back to back to back primes. I was starting to hurt and not in the good way. My hamstrings started balling up and I felt my lower back start giving out and I knew I didn’t have much left. With 6 to go I pulled out and stretched my back and leg and jumped back in with 3 to go. I really wish I could have gone the whole race but it wasn’t good pain, I couldn’t have ridden through it. It was super to see all of the Byrne kits in the field!

After I got home Rosanna and I went to the batting cage and hit a few rounds and then played catch until the sun went down. It was nice to actually go outside! The weather lately has really sucked and I was getting a little stir crazy, this was what we both needed. I also found out that Rosanna and I still have our swings. I actually had a few flashbacks from when I was a kid. Dad and I out in the backyard tossing the ball, Me hitting grounders to Rosanna… it felt just awesome.

Thanks babe, I had a great time. :-)

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