Weekend Wrap Up.

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Friday Night – Rosanna and I headed over to watch Friday night racing at the velodrome. Where else better to watch than the beer garden? We brought a little dinner and the lawn chairs and enjoyed a few hours of racing. I loaded pictures into the Jet City Velo Flickr linked on the side.

Saturday – Ro and I went out for a nice and easy spin on what turned out to be a pretty nice day. it was overcast but warm as we headed out east to Kirkland, stopping there for a few drinks downtown and then turned around. I felt good being back on the bike after being sick. Everytime I pushed myself though my coughing fits came on but I’m sure that was good though because I really need to get this crap out of my lungs. Nice 30 miles, did a few sprints and opened up the legs for my upcoming race on Sunday. When we got home we headed out for Lunch and ice cream at Husky Deli down the road from our house in West Seattle. I had an amazing Grilled chicken Ceaser Pita. On our way back we stopped off at the nursery and looked at the plants as we plan on changing the blah landscaping of our front and back yard. Dinner was at Chandlers Crab House on Lake Union with Evan and Tara. Fantastic time and great food capped off with a surprise visit by Two Buck Chuck (who played at our wedding) and they sang our first dance song for us “Crimson and Clover” It was awesome.

Sunday – Race day. 6 of us drove down to Boston Harbor in Olympia for the State Championship Circuit Race, Greg, Dustin, Tony, Brad, Jeff and myself. I had a great race here last year, Tony Brad and I pretty much owned it so I was looking forward to having a lot more teammates. Unfortunately my lungs just couldn’t take it. after two laps of us shooting off the front and attacking every chance we could get I was overwhelmed by my chest build up and couldnt breathe well. I started feeling dizzy and went from 3 wheel to mid pack to the back at the hill leading to the 1k sign. We had a guy in every break, and it worked netting us a 3rd place from Jeff Dunn in the three man break away with Dustin sprinting in for fourth, Brad 9th and Tony 10th. Fantastic day of racing even though I had to pull out. I knew I wouldn’t feel 100% but I am so happy we did so well as a team.

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  • Asparagus makes my pee smell funny.

    Evan — June 22, 2008 at 8:30 pm
  • Awesome was the chocolate raspberry ice cream.

    Rosanna — June 22, 2008 at 10:07 pm
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