Training Ride, West Seattle Loop. 6-24-08

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2 loops around West Seattle. 28 miles 1300ft of climbing.

Bike BMC SL01 51-35 qrings x 11-23 Ksyrium SL wheels.

Ride food – water

1st lap was an easy spin. I feel off, which I will describe later. I don’t know if I’m still sick or something else is wrong. I wanted to spin a high cadence to get the legs going and stay in the saddle the entire time which is a little hard going up Barton to 35th but I did it. I’m a “stander” and Greg yells at me EVERY time I get out of the saddle. I think it has a lot to do with my running background or maybe it’s just a bad habit that I need to break.

2nd lap went a little harder, completeing it 15 minutes faster than the first. Spent most of it in Zone 4 and had a tag along bunch, 1 guy was from Cucina and 3 others non kit around Alki which I dropped quite succesfully. I never came off the front but I wasn’t looking for a pace line, I’m sure they appreciated the draft in the good headwind we had. They guy who was right behind mewas in his aero bars, and I told him that if he wanted a pull he had to get off them. I’ve seen WAY too many accidents that way if you haven’t been practicing on them. I’m sure he thought I was an ass even though I was pretty polite about it. Hope he somehow reads this and understands I wasn’t trying to be a dick. Heading up Barton the second time kicked my ass. I did not recover from Lincoln Park Way and had a hard time breathing so I backed it off halfway up. I was feeling a bit dizzy and I knew it was time to bring it down a little.

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