Honeymoon, Part 2

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It’s hot here, really hot and very humid. My family and friends know that I run really hot to begin with so I’m a little worried that I’ll get what I call “heat grumpy” and I’ll end up pissing Rosanna off. Well thank goodness for a cooling breeze coming straight off the pacific to keep me relatively comfortable as well as a few dips in the pool and the occasional ice cold beverage. I think I really started relaxing Thursday after a stroll through Cabo San Lucas markets and a delicious lunch at Roja (along with a few drinks) we spent the rest of the evening floating in the pool and playing Uno. Rosanna of course won EVERY damn game we played so I stuck to what I did best… drink.

Friday we used our free shuttle pass to head on back to the airport to pick up our rental car. I thought the ride TO the hotel was bad! We shared the shuttle with a family from Texas and Oregon and you could tell everyone was white knuckled. At one point when his cell phone rang you heard everyone mutter “Oh please no, just drive” and when he was having problems opening his Coke (sending us in the other lane in the process) I offered to assist him so he didn’t kill my wife. He gladly accepted and all in the van were appreciative that I probably saved every one of their lives. Our car rental went very smooth, they even upgraded our vehicle which turned out to be a brand new Jeep Patriot, I was it’s first renter and was so happy because I normally end up renting cars that reek of past smokers. We took the long way down highway 1 and I now realize how very lucky we are back in the states. Cleanliness, security, building codes, low poverty rate… It seems so awkward to have shanty towns not 5 miles away from posh gated resorts. I guess I live a fairly sheltered life tucked away on a hill in Seattle.

OK… back to the honeymoon.

Our last night in Cabo San Lucas, Rosanna and I had an amazing Lobster and Filet Mignon with a bottle of champagne and lovely Spanish music. Rosanna was gorgeous and I must say I looked pretty smashing myself (in all the clothes Ro picked out for me) as we enjoyed the evening, watching the sun set and the ships cruise up and down the coast. The long day, the heat, food and drink finally got to us and we scampered back to our (air conditioned) room and passed out.

What a wonderful few days in Cabo San Lucas, it was an eye opener for sure. Though we had a few speed bumps, we will be back.

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